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Jupiter's Transit in Capricorn - 9th Dec, 2008

In Astrology, Jupiter has great influence on everyone destiny, being a benign planet. Jupiter moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 9th December 2008. The effects of this transit will be very significant in many horoscopes, like some may benefit with financial gains, marriage, good education, child birth or new job.
It is a major astrological event immediately influencing all Zodiac signs. This transit is a major astrological event affecting each zodiac sign in differing ways. Being the lord of the 9th house; Jupiter is the bestower of fortune.
You cannot expect any kind of luck during this period, however, hard work will pay off. There will be happiness in the family. There may be birth of a child. You may buy a house or move to a better house. You may inherit property. There will definitely be a marked change in your lifestyle; a change for the better.
Except for a brief period between December 2008 and April 2009, most of the major planets are favorably placed indicating success and progress.
Family problems will get resolved and there will be unity in the family. Auspicious events like marriage, birth of a child success in education and other positive events will take place. You will gain in confidence. You may shift your residence to a better place. You will purchase ornaments and enjoy socializing.
There will be an improvement in prosperity and lifestyle. A very fortunate period awaits you.
Will give you the confidence and strength to overcome any adverse situation. There may be some misunderstanding with your spouse or ill health causing tension. You will face a tough situation both at home and at work. The period from September to November 2009 will be particularly tough whether it is your career, personal life or health.
Do not make major decisions during this period. Good advice from mentors and faith in God will help you tide over this period.
Jupiter is a friendly planet to your sign and denotes all kinds of fortune. Will bring good fortunes, peace and success in personal relationships. Though there will be delays, the overall atmosphere will be positive. Your confidence will be high. You will be able to handle long pending issues.
You can expect important events in your personal life.
Jupiter is a very favorable planet for your sign and gives you financial gains and good fortune, being a friendly planet and significator of fortune, luck and children. Your focus and dedication in your career will increase and your working atmosphere will improve. There will be an increase in income and you will be able to clear off debts. During April to July 2009, you will reap the rewards of hard work and will progress well. If you are looking out for marriage, it may happen now. You will buy assets.
On the whole Jupiter transit will be positive, and the subsequent Saturn transit will bring relief in your career front.
Jupiter's transit will increase your creativity. You will have peace of mind, luck in speculation and success in love. You may shift into a more comfortable house. You will buy assets and jewelry. There may be a market improvement in your health.
This transit will be on the whole quite favorable for you.
You will have better career prospects. You will be in a position to overcome obstacles and have a peaceful life. There may be minor losses relating to vehicles – you may incur expenditure on its maintenance, repairs or accidents. Students should work hard to do well. There may be some discomfort at home and your enemies will become more powerful.
Apart from the three months between September to November 2009, Jupiter’s current transit will prove to be good compared to the previous transit.
There may be adverse effects on your health, career and basic comforts. You may undertake to go on a pilgrimage. Your friends will be helpful.
The aged will have health problems, relationship with younger brothers will be uncomfortable and expenditure will shoot up. Businessmen will have a tough time.
On the whole, you can expect difficulties during December 2008 to March 2009 and again during August 2009. There may not be any significantly positive effects during this transit, at the same time, there may not be any great setback too.
You will be able to settle down in your career; you will find success in education, marriage and happiness in family life. From April to end July 2009, may cause some stagnancy in the progress; there will be no reversals though. Jupiter retrogrades back to the 2nd house end July and things will improve almost immediately. There will be elevation in your career and increased income.
On the whole, this transit of Jupiter will augur well for you in terms of career, education, marriage, lifestyle and prosperity. You may shift into a more comfortable home and buy vehicles and jewelry. You will also maintain good health.
With your moon sign lord Saturn, in the unfavorable 8th house, you will undergo agony. The current transit of Jupiter will give you practical experience of life, knowledge and insight. You will need to bear a lot of burden and your mind will not be at peace. There will be substantial improvement in all areas of your life. There will be increased income and good changes in your career. Sick persons will recover and there will be all round happiness. There will be interesting opportunities abroad.
Though the initial months of this transit will put you through a very trying period, after April 2009, you will find progress and improvements.
You may be inclined towards spirituality and will lose interest in the material world. You may undertake frequent travels and your health may run down. Fortunately, the aspect of Jupiter on Saturn will check the ill effects. There may be criticism which may lead to your developing frustration.
Though there may not be any serious setbacks due to Jupiter transit, you must guard against health problems.
You are basically a hard worker and have a charitable disposition. Jupiter brings success and prosperity into your life. This transit will relieve you from all pressures in your career. There will be a peaceful and friendly atmosphere around you and your income will increase. You will find opportunities abroad and important changes will take place. Jupiter enters Capricorn again by end July 2009 which will make you more active and results will fructify. Will give you new opportunities and your performance will be heightened. There may be some anxious moments for students. Sick persons will need to take adequate care.
Jupiter’s transit will prove fortunate for you.

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