Thursday, December 25, 2008

2009 will make a difference for everyone !

2009 represents a time of hope for millions of people coming to terms with uncertain economy and a bleak future. The dominant Sun who is currently moved to Sagittarius will offset the negative mood that prevails mainly by the planet Jupiter which has been weakened by its presence in Capricorn, a Saturn Sign.
It is important to propitiate the Sun to ensure all your activities are accomplished with ease in the coming year. Sun has the power to change your karmic patterns and position you in a positive frame of mind this New Year and beyond. With the arrival of 2009 there is always hope for a brighter future.
Goddess Lakshmi signifies all that is related to prosperity and fortune. With her blessings you could step into the coming year with a new optimism and will ensure that you have a great divine support as you take charge of your money matters next year.
Arians will feel inspired to make a difference this year. They might decide on a career change in 2009 or to expand their mental horizons by taking up new interests. Arians may resolve, too, not to fail in new business or financial deals.
Taureans will be making travel their main aim. They might also be thinking about joining a gym, taking up a new sport or brushing up on their technological skills.
Geminis, goals will be finance and property related. Either they will decide to make a change in the way they earn their income or they will resolve to improve their money management skills.
Cancerians will want to spend more time with the family and loved ones. Single Cancerians might make it a resolution to get out more to meet new people. Attached Cancerians will aim to spend more quality time with their partner.
Leos might decide on some sensible strategies to improve their health. Regular exercise and more healthy eating habits are suggestions. Their aim might be to get in shape and improve their body image.
Virgo is a hard working sign and they might make it a resolution to start enjoying life more now. Perhaps they will have more dinner parties, start a new hobby, or decide to be more open about their emotions.
Librans may want to learn a new language or a practical skill. One way to keep to their resolutions is to team up with a buddy who shares similar aims. Home improvement projects of a long-term nature need careful planning and a lot of effort. They might make it a resolution to actually start on these this year. Or a house move might be a serious intention of the Libran.
Scorpios will have so much on their minds, they can never decide on any one aim. So they should make small promises to themselves such as always remembering to return their library books on time and to leave their desks neat and tidy every night!
Sagittarians could be successful and they will go far this year. Therefore they should promise themselves to never forget where they came from. They’re likely to see quite a transformation in finances and they should resolve to be sensible with their cash.
Capricorns want to stop something such as smoking or drinking or start something such as saving or exercising more, they will be determined to stick to their intentions. Of all the signs, this is the one that’s most likely to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions!
Aquarians will find it easier to reach their aims if they make a plan and they’re systematic in their approach.
Pisces is not the most practical of signs. They should aim to be more sensible and organized over the year ahead and this could help them achieve something very special. Whatever special hope or aim they make themselves as 2009 begins, in a strange way, it may come true.

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