Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Partial Lunar Eclipse on December 31, 2009

On this day Ketugrasta partial lunar eclipse happens. This eclipse happens in Arudra nakshtra and Mithuna Rasi and the effect of this partial lunar eclipse begins at night 12.25 and ends at night 1.25. The natives of Arudra, Swati, Satabhisham, Rohini, Hasta, Sravanam and natives of Mithuna Rasi, Karkataka Rasi are advised to take up necessary remedial measures.
Due to this partial lunar eclipse, Europe and Australia may face a tough time. Natives have to perform Sarpasooktasahita Mahanyasapoorvaka Rudrabhishekam after completion of the eclipse. During the day of eclipse, natives have to be on fasting and offer prayers to their family deity. During the period of eclipse time, do not take any food. The natives have to perform the Sarpasooktasahita Mahansyakapoorva Rudrabhishekam in Lord Shiva temple within 27 days.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, changes Zodiac Signs this month.

Jupiter enters the Zodiac sign Aquarius from the sign of Capricorn on December 19, 2009. In one sense, this is a favorable change for the world at large as Jupiter is moving out of his sign of debilitation (Capricorn). However, as Aquarius is an "Enemy Sign" to Jupiter, it will still bring definite challenges for some people.
The good news is overall many people will recover from the sinking they have been experiencing during the last half of 2009. The transit of Jupiter into Aquarius will help the world at large to come out of recession.Jupiter's large form brings energies of increase when it moves. This can be good or bad depending on Jupiter's placement in our own birth chart.

The signs which are adversely affected due to this Jupiter transit are:Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces
The signs that enjoy favorable effects of Jupiter with this transit are:Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Capricorn

One of the Sanskrit names for Jupiter is "Guru" which means teacher. In the ancient Vedic texts, it is even said the Jupiter is the prime advisor to the celestial angels or "devas". Jupiter removes our ignorance and darkness and offers wisdom. This planetary lord is also the god of righteousness and justice.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The good and bad of Rahu's transit in Sagittarius

The planet 'Rahu' has always been misunderstood by people who know very little about the basics of astrology. At times, Rahu delivers very good effects but there are times when the effects of a Rahu transit can be devastating. The effects depend on various other factors as well. Here we shall see how Rahu transit in Sagittarius will affect the Sagittarius, the society, and India.

A few facts about Rahu:
Rahu is a shadowy planet and it always moves in a retrograde manner. It revolves around the Sun at a rate of 3 degree, 10 minutes and 48 seconds a day.
Rahu completes it's transit in a Rashi in 1 year 6 month and 18 days. Thus, it completes transiting through the 12 Rashis or 27 constellations in 18 years 7 months and 18 days.
The transition of Rahu in a Nakshatra or birth star takes 8 month and 19 days and it completes one phase of a Nakshatra in 2 months and 3 days.
Debilitated Rahu has transited into Sagittarius at 12:09 pm on 17th November, 2009. It will stay in the same Rashi till 5th June, 2011. Rahu's transit into Sagittarius is also known as 'Sagittarius in Nawmansh'.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Saturn is up to this September?

Saturn moves into Virgo on September 9th 2009 (for the world) and September 26th (for India) and will stay there till November 15th, 2011. Both are powerful days for Lord Saturn and will bring significant impact on the functioning of the world.
Saturn is the most feared of all planets. During his transit he puts those who come under his influence through trials and tribulations. Even people who had been successful all along suffer significantly during their Saturn period.
Saturn is not meant to inflict purposeless painful experiences. It teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble, by putting through difficult trials. Its in our darkest moments, that we either become more grateful or considerably depressed for what has happened to us.
Saturn is like a surgeon who surgically removes the tumors of our souls. No doubt surgery is painful, but it is also necessary to remove the hardships that are blocking our true fulfillment.
In India Lord Hanuman is considered to be a guardian angel. He is a true epitome of devotion and dedication. Lord Hanuman or Anjaneya is the eleventh Rudra and is a divine incarnation of  Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of strength and resolve. He is ever present in this earth plane and is often referred to as 'Chiranjeevi' or 'the immortal one'.
Lord Hanuman wields considerable influence over the planet Saturn, dreaded by everyone. Symbolically Hanuman has such power that he holds Saturn with his tail. Those who are in the Saturn Seven and half year period called as Sade Sati will find immense relief praying to Lord Hanuman on the Saturn transit day.
There are 3 vitally important action steps you need to do when a planet as powerful as Saturn transits one constellation to another.
First, understand how the transit will impact you.
Second, you should ensure you have the proper energetic empowerment to handle the changing energy of Saturn.
Finally, you can receive the intervention and blessings of the most powerful guardian, Lord Hanuman.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2 Weeks called as "Mahalaya"

All our ancestors come and stay on the earth plane for 15 days in a year. During these fifteen days they stay in your body, mind and soul and can change all three positively. Not even Gods can do what the ancestors can do for you.
These fifteen days start from September 5th in India (and on the 4th in the U.S.), right after the full moon and ends on the Mahalaya New Moon day, September 18th. This two week period is the most important period to appreciate your departed ancestors.
Just as there is biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is spirit lineage. It is as though there is a spirit DNA as well. Your departed ancestors can help solve your problems.
Our ancestors live in the world of the Pitra loka (ancestral world). 64 Generations of dead ancestors can help solve your money, relationship, health and other problems quite easily if one knows how to communicate and connect with them.
On the new moon day, the departed spirits come to the earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.
During these 15 days, our Ancestors want special food: a special offering comprised of black sesame seeds, holy water from rivers and oceans, tulsi leaves, sandalwood paste, sacred dharba grass and some coins. These offerings need to be given to them for all the 15 days conscientiously.
Moon Phase or Tithi Benefits of Specific Moon Phase Tarpans
1st Moon Bestows Wealth
2nd Moon Bestows Progeny
3rd Moon Bestows Business Prosperity
4th Moon Overpowering enemies
5th Moon Bestows All Prosperity
6th Moon Bestows Fame
7th Moon Bestows Divine Strength
8th Moon Bestows Intelligence
9th Moon Gains from Women
10th Moon Bestows Success in Undertakings
11th Moon Prosperity of Children and Intelligence to your Children
12th Moon For Progeny and Gains through Education
13th and 14th Moon Blessed with many Vehicles and Renders Peace and Longevity
New Moon If you miss any of the above days, New Moon is mandatory.
During this day, the known and unknown souls that have departed during the last 30 years are treated equal to God
The easiest way to access God's grace is to feed a famished human being starving for food and donate clothes. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity in all the charities.
It is believed that the person who donates food would attain an elevated status. Donating food on New Moon is considered to be important as this is considered to be a ritual on this day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The most Powerful Obstacle Remover - Ganesha

Let Ganesha bestow you with prosperity, and remove all the obstacles that has been preventing you from achieving your goals.
Irrespective of the causes that have been stopping you from attaining prosperity, happy relationships or perfect health, Lord Ganesha will help remove all obstructions in your path towards fulfillment and success!
Extraordinary Astrological Synchronicity Happening on August 23rd: The Sun is Leo, the sign of the Rulers. The Moon in constellation of Virgo aligned with the Hasta star, which grants manifestation of boons and fulfills all your desires. The 4th waxing Moon phaseThis year Ganesha's Birthday celebrations fall on an Auspicious Sunday, August 23rd.
Virgo, the natural sixth house signifies wealth derived from service, business and operations in an organization. Moreover, the planet Ketu, which is powerful on Sundays and whose overlord is Lord Ganesha, is placed in the 11th house to Virgo (Cancer) signifying total gains and ultimate blessings to rituals performed on this day.
This rare cosmic imprint occurring during Ganesha's Birthday will help realize your material dreams. This year his birthday sparks the beginning of another major worldwide event,
Ganesha holds a mango fruit symbolizing complete knowledge and foresight. It is also a childlike, innocent form of Ganesha who brings us energies of abundance and joy.
Ganesha is the King of Obstacles with total command over any obstruction or blockage which is troubling you.
Ganesha who brings success in all activities and who can increase your name and fame. He is said to give very quick results that can wade into whatever mess we may have created from our ignorance in the past and get things turned around right now! This powerful energy will be captured in Neem wood Ganesha statues for success in all ventures.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vishnupati & Lord Krishna's birthday

Vishnupati is a divine time capsule of around 9 hours, when miracles happen. This celestial event happens on August 17th. Vishnupati is one of the best times for charity, feeding, rituals, poojas, tarpan and singing the praise of the Lord.
You may be aware of how powerful the Eleventh Moon (or Ekadasi) rituals are. As per Siddhas, poojas done during Vishnupati are equivalent to delivering merit that is equivalent to several years of Ekadasi poojas. This is the significance and key to abundance that is present during Vishnupati rituals.
This Vishnupati is even more exciting because Lord Krishna's birthday occurs on August 13th. Krishna, one of the avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu is a symbol of fun and adventure. His intuitive and divine guidance to Arjuna popularly known as 'Gita', is considered to be the beacon of light which guides millions of humans across several yugas or Vedic time periods. Krishna was born on the Eighth Moon phase also known as Ashtami of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan. Krishna was an incarnation and has all the characteristics of the Lord.
Lord Krishna is portrayed in various perspectives: a child god, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being. He is indeed the perfect symbol for fun, love and adventure.
These two events present a perfect opportunity to enhance all that is related to prosperity and happy living. You should feed the poor kids and where possible do charitable deeds, especially for poor children. Children are very dear to Lord Krishna and whoever shows their affection to Children will get Krishnas grace.
On the Vishnupati day, you can chant prosperity mantras to regulate your money karma for abundant prosperity. You could also offer prayers to your ancestors so that they bless you with all the good things in life.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sun is moving into Leo

On August 16th, the Sun is moving into Leo. Leo is the sign for kings/queens/ presidents/ leaders in all areas. You have the opportunity to obtain this Kings consciousness this month. Even if youre not born under Leo, you can still gain the magnifence of the Sun's power.
On August 5th a vital additional celestial event by the name, Avani Avittam could maximize the Suns Potential, greatly enhancing your life.
The Sun is the king of the planets. No matter what your sign is, during these 30 days when the Sun is in Leo, this is the exact moment in time to enhance your will power, pride, determination, heart, vitality, life purpose, and motivation.
You will soon discover goals finally being accomplished which have been deemed impossible in the past to achieve.
The reason is that there is a cosmic Sun energy vortex in a small geographical location here on earth where the energy of millions of Suns in the galaxy emanate.
The Gayatri Mantra, a mantra dedicated to Sun is considered to be the greatest mantra of all. The ancients devised a method for proper reception of the Gayatri mantra to our psycho-spiritual bodies so that we advance both materially and spiritually.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Can Conch Shells change your life?

In India, the conch shell is revered and used for divine purposes.
In the long and luminous spiritual tradition of India, the role of conch shells is incredibly significant but one that is hardly known to the outer world. Conch Shells are a divine gift and a treasure to mankind which preserve the bhakti bhava (prayerful attitude), of mankind.
Conch Shells promote, preserve your truth and integrity. Conch Shell abhishekams have been practised for many centuries to obtain incredible secretive material and spiritual blessings.
The spiritual science behind the Conch Shell Abhishekam is that all the sacred sounds including the greatest mantra, 'Om', the sound that created this entire universe is present in the Conch Shell. The sacred mantras and Vedas are absorbed by the Conch Shells and presented to humanity. If your home or shrine uses Conch Shells for prayer, the entire area is purified and becomes a place of happiness, divinity and incredible prosperity.
Vedas state that Banker in Heaven, Kubera lives in the Conch Shell along with Mahalakshmi. When you regularly conduct Abhishekams and worship using the right threaded Conch shell known as 'Valam Puri Sanku', you receive great material blessings.
As per Siddhas, the Conch Shells are actually an essence of divinity. It has the blessings of the celestials to participate in the poojas and rituals. Just like how the lamps are used for worship on land, the Siddhas say that underwater beings also perform prayers using lamps. The celestial beings associated with the conch shells help to light lamps under water for the benefit of sea beings.
The Pradosham falling on Aug 3rd, is the day of Soma Pradosham, which means a Pradosham falling on Monday. The Pradoshams falling on Monday and Saturday are considered especially beneficial time period to remove stubborn Karmas. When the pooja and abhisehkam to Lord Shiva and Nandi is performed with 108 Conch Shells, it provides miraculous benefits.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naga Chaturthi and Panchami.

On July 25th and 26th (as per Indian Almanac) You will have the limited opportunity to remedy Rahu and Ketu afflictions. These days are highly sensitive and are referred to as Naga Chaturthi and Panchami.
Rahu and Ketu are the mysterious shadow planets that represent the North and South nodes of the Moon. The nodes are the points of intersection of the Earths course around the Sun with the Moons course around the Earth.
Often, Rahus influence is illusionary, dissolving and disintegrating. It is also an eccentric, creative, disruptive and revolutionary force. Ketus influence is regarded as psychic, detaching, penetrating, manipulative and catastrophic.
Rahu and Ketu together are behind most psychological disorders, attraction to the dark side of life, incurable diseases, possession by negative entities and sudden negative events. They can create considerable current lifetime damages.
If you have Kala Sarpa Yoga, or are in a Rahu or Ketu major /minor period this is an essential time for you to remedy the malefic effects of these planets.
If your birth star is one of Ashwini, Arudra, Pushya, Magha, Swati, Mula, Uttarashada and Satabhisha, then there is no better time to appease Rahu and Ketu right here.
Per myth, Rahu and Ketu were originally one being. Lord Vishnu cut Rahu-Ketu into two halves when he discovered them guised as a God in order to steal some immortal elixir. Rahu being the head is the significator of intelligence. It is not mundane knowledge, but the higher intuitive intelligence. Whereas Rahu represents wisdom and knowledge, Ketu represents liberation which makes Rahu and Ketu the most influential hidden forces in human life. They are not easy to understand as their influences are always off-stage.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Moon and Solar Eclipse

This Month, the New Moon falls on Tuesday, July 21st, followed by a very rare Solar elipse on July 22nd.
Scientists say, a complete solar eclipse like this was witnessed about a century back and unless you plan to stick around for another 124 years, You will probably never have the chance to be a part of this event ever again...
A Solar Eclipse has the power to turn your life upside down. On this occasion, the Sun, which is the source of life and light, gets overpowered by the Moon, which represents darkness and mystry. This is a rare event on New Moon (Amavasya Tithi).
This total solar eclipse falls on Wednesday July 22, 2009 (Starts: 5:30 AM, Maximum: 6:21 AM, End: 7:19 AM IST).
Scientifically, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are in straight line during Solar eclipse and the Sun seems to be "overshadowed". These signify a divine time shift for celestials and represents a perfect opportunity to appease your ancestors and get incredible blessings.
For all of us, at a personal level, eclipses signify "Change". It is time for new beginnings and our ability to adapt to change will be tested to the limits. Responding graciously and keeping a positive outlook to the new events and relationships would prove most beneficial.
As per Siddhas, the New Moon represents synergy of solar and lunar rays. Lord Shiva's right eye signifies the Sun and his left eye signifies the Moon. When Lord Shiva's yogic vision, both left and right are focused on the third eye, New Moon is created.
t is particularly important to chant or listen to Aditya Hrudaya chants which were given to Lord Rama by sage, Sri Agastya.
Leos in particular, may get entangled in a leagal issue as the eclipse will occur in your 12th house. Even a foreign trip may turn out to be very hectic and you are advised to be careful while planning an expedition. Make sure you have all the required documents. An opportunity for a change in career may also present itself. You may want some time on your own thoughts.
Taurians, will have problems related to travel and family as the eclipse will ocur in your 3rd house. Your travel schedule can frustratingly hectic, or worse, a very crucial trip may get cancelled. Despite your selfless approach towards your relatives, you may find it difficult to keep them happy. You require patience.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Freedom, Prosperity and Happiness

Goddess energy or Shakti is the ever present dynamic force which activates this world. It is immanent in every being and the Universe. Goddesses are revered and celebrated so that they bless us with both material and spiritual abundance. Goddess worship primarily happens on Fridays of every week, which is also the day for planet Venus.
The month of Aadi( July to August), is considered very special for Goddesses.
These Fridays in Aadi are called 'Aadi Velli', where 'Aadi' is the Vedic month (Mid July - Mid Aug) and 'Velli' in Tamil refers to Friday. This year there are five auspicious Fridays, for all those who want to establish a special bond with Goddesses.
The Goddess stays in the form or a rock or statue that retains her energy. It is important to identify those shrines and establish your connection with your Goddess.
The whole world is under the influence of Icha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Jnana Shakti.
Icha Shakti is the will power, the power of desire or motivation which relates to the mind.
Kriya Shakti is the power of action, the ability to act for the fulfillment of the desire that relates to physical body.
Jnana Shakti represents the power of knowledge, the capacity to know and recognize, which relates to the soul.
It is incredibly powerful to worship and offer prayers in these Shakti temples on Goddess Fridays.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Victim of Evil Eye?

Your thoughts have energy, both positive and negative. It is a scientifically proven fact that food or water, when blessed, heals. Negative thoughts when directed towards someone has the ability to affect him. These negative thoughts directed at you that results in unfortunate outcomes for you, your family or your business is popularly known as evil eye. Evil-eye is a stream of negative energy that affects the person or object on which it is directed. The person under the influence of evil eye, is subject to waves of negative energies which results in illness, listlessness and failures which can't be explained medically.
Astrology and Evil Eye: There is a connection between the stars, planets and your susceptibility to fall prey to evil eye and being the object of jealousy. Our astrologers state that it is due to planets, houses and their relative placements which indicate your susceptibility levels. Planetary time periods and sub-periods called 'Dashas' and 'Bhuktis' influence your well being and the ease with which you are subject to these energy attacks.
Astrologers have given certain Dasha-Bhukti planetary combinations which could be difficult periods for you. They also prescribe the ways to overcome these malefic combinations to ensure your health and wealth doesn't suffer. The primary cause for your evil eye problems is due to the major and minor planetray conditions that you are running currently. For instance if you have a Rahu major and Saturn minor, you become an easy target for energy attacks. Another important reason is the influence of Saturn mainly during the malefic Seven and Half years of influence known as "Sade Sate".
The best way to shield yourself from the malefic forces is to perform certain fire rituals like Prathyangara Homa, Sudarsana Homa and Sharaba Homa.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th is the most auspicious Full Moon of the year

Monday, July 6th is the most auspicious Full Moon of the year to pay ones respect and reconnect to God or the Guru. This particular Guru Poornima ushers in a new profound energy to change your incorrect views about money. On this day there will be rare Goddess energies sweeping the earth plane which can help you transform your life for the better.
The Goddess energies are no other than prana or "life force" energy that exists in all things. By tapping into this energy, you can gain clarity and power to manifest material abundance.
On this auspicious day -
Feed the Hungry: Feeding people on Guru Poornima day is considered the most sacred act that will fetch you the blessings of God and help you to tune into the bliss energy or grace light.
Seek Empowerment from the Goddess of Wealth: Sri Lakshmi is the Goddess of Material Abundance and Lord Kubera is the "Banker of Heaven".
Reconnect with God: With the help of Puja and Mantras to celebrate the most auspicious full Moon of the year.

Mars enters Taurus on July 3rd

When Mars is in good position one can become a king / prime minister / president of a country. That person will also have a lot of landed property including multiple homes, apartments and complexes. Mars is a very important planet.
When Mars is weak or badly placed he will create debts of all kinds (credit card, mortgage, medical) as well as diseases. Relationship will also be a problem. There will be constant fighting between partners which will cause loss of money and peace of mind.
Mars enters Taurus on July 3rd and stays there till Aug 16th. Things would slow down significantly for everyone.
Your energies are settling down to a fine rhythm with a firm platform being laid for future plans. Anger and impatience are two devious qualities that could raise their serpentine head time and again during this transit. It is important to guard against anger that could throw you out-of-balance. Special care need to be taken at home when you deal with near and dear.
Watch out for your diet and take it easy at work.
In Vedic astrology Mars is ruled by Muruga also called Subramanya or Karthikeya. Propitiation of Muruga controls the bad results from Mars. Muruga is compassionate being who is constantly involved in the evolution of planet earth. During 2013 he will play a major part in bringing the golden age to our planet. Besides giving worldly boon, Lord Muruga is involved in bestowing enlightenment to humans as well as gods.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Power of Nine

The number Nine is ruled by Mars.
Those with the number Nine have a highly courageous, adventurous energy. They were born to fight through adversity to victory. They carry a natural interest in the well-being of the world and do well in fields such as military, environmental organizations, religious orders, veterinary science and other animal/wildlife fields, as well as medicine. They are passionate lovers and believe life is meant to be enjoyed. They are bold and have great fortitude which can carry them through anything. They should learn to forgive more easily and have more patience with the human frailties of others. Meditation will enable those whose number is Nine to focus their concentration and to control their anger and to grow toward cosmic consciousness.
Those with the number Nine will have some natural gifts with psychic abilities and will do well to learn to utilize their powers for self-healing and for helping others. Although they do not often seek advice, they would do well to ponder advice from older persons when it is given and allow the wisdom of experience to temper their impetuosity. The physical body is a great tool for them, and they would do well to engage in sports (including martial arts) or yoga to keep fit. Those with the number Nine are practical and can bring a good head to business and administration. They can help others learn the importance of self-defense and defending what matters. Red is a color that helps bring out natural strength, and they should allow it to appear in their wardrobe on a frequent basis.
Those with the number Nine should apply their sense of adventure to spiritual pursuits, which will allow their hearts to open fully.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 21st Seek the Blessings of your Father

Seek the Blessings of your Father and Resolve your Problems Miraculously
Father's Day is not simply about taking your father to dinner or sending flowers with a cute greetings note. Father is a significant concept. He stands for the person who caused your birth and the mother co-created you and carried you.
In other words you are a representative of your father's family tree. Whether you accept or not, like the biological genes there are genes from the soul. It is important to understand the metaphysics of the soul lineage and the dynamics that goes with it.
When a soul leaves the body, it still lives in the astral plane invisible to naked eyes. It still visits the earth plane to take care of or sometimes to harm its own children. A person's wellbeing is dependent on his/her relationship with the ancestors who have passed on and moved into the astral plane but yet keep visiting him constantly. The secret of success or failure is dependent on this metaphysical reality.
In one word the final message is, make sure to receive the blessings of your father, grandfather or great grandfather during the Father's Day. It really means a lot. If your father is alive, spend some time with him and be nice to him even though it may be difficult in some cases. Every emotion and thought you go through is greatly influenced by your soul lineage.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Second House - House of Possessions

The Second House is referred to as the House of Possessions.
Using our possessions, including material goods, to maximum advantage is also within the realm of the Second House. Our possessions should enhance our lives and those of others in addition to fostering a general sense of well-being. This brings forth the concept of value which is key to the Second House.
Specific possessions covered by the Second House include earned income and our ability to influence it, investments and moveable property (cars, clothing, jewelry and the like). Debt is also part of the equation here, since we own the responsibility to pay our bills. How we view money, the acquisition of wealth (and debt), financial reversals, savings, budgeting and financial status are all ruled by the Second House.
For those of us who believe that money will set us free, it's interesting to note that this maxim finds a home in the Second House. Personal freedoms as established by financial capability and sensibility are addressed within this House. To a great extent, our possessions and what we do with them help to define us as viable human beings.
Taking it a step further, will these material goods help us gain social standing, recognition, friendship and love? Used properly, they very well might. Therefore, the goal implicit in one's possessions could be defined as the ability to use those possessions honestly and to our best advantage and for the greater good. If our possessions work for us and those around us, what more could we ask? Well, one more question does come to mind: what goes around comes around? Sounds about right!
The Second House is ruled by the Sign Taurus and the Planet Venus.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sun moves into Gemini on June 14th

Gemini is the third house of astrological zodiac. It signifies your physical strength and also reveals your ability to have courage and take appropriate risks. Your 3rd house also describes your younger siblings, your ears, arms, hands and nervous systems.
Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury. As such, Gemini is bestowed with Mercurial qualities - love of learning, calculated risk taking, quick witted, genial and joyous. The darker side of Gemini is that they can be too cunning - losing the faith of others, or be irresponsible - changing their minds, not finishing things, bluffing their way.
What happens when Sun moves into Gemini on June 14th?
When the Sun moves to Gemini, your actions, represented by the Sun, will have characteristics of Mercury. You would be attracted to scholarly activities such as research and reading. Your careers would flourish in Mercury-like fast paced occupations or businesses such as advertising or journalism. They will bring cleverness to your actions and provides adequate help at developing strategies in all fronts.
It is a great time to examine your lives, root out mediocrity and commit to an expression of courage in whatever way that looks to you. Courage and risk-taking doesn't need to mean sky diving but sowing the seeds of positive energy and dynamic nimbleness to move forward in everyday life.
This transit also brings mental weakness and fear aspects for some of you. You will be lovingly supported and encouraged by your family and friends during uncertain times.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lord Muruga's Birthday falls on June 5th

Among all Hindu Gods, Lord Shiva is considered to be the most powerful with the highest level of intelligence. If there is one God, who became the Guru even to the mighty Lord Shiva, it is the beautiful Lord Muruga. Muruga worship will bestow you with incredible blessings that you need to live well in this world. Lord Muruga worship is considered to be the culmination of Shiva worship.
The birth of Muruga from the third-eye of Shiva symbolizes the ascent of ones sexual fluids to the pituitary gland resulting in Enlightenment. Six sparks of light came out of Shivas third eye and became the six-headed Muruga. Lord Muruga is an epitome of happiness, beauty and divine light. He is the ruler of Pleiades constellation of stars and blesses whoever is devoted to Him.
Lord Murugas Birthday and the Star Vishaka
Lord Muruga's Birthday falls on June 5th and is popularly known as 'Vaikasi Vishakam'. This day falls on the Vishaka star, in the Vedic month of Vaikasi (May - June). Vishaka is a star in the heavens which has its head in the Mars Sign Scorpio, and its body and legs in the Venus sign Libra. One who is born in the Vishaka star exhibits both worldly and spiritual tendencies. Lord Muruga being the Lord of Kundalini guides one and all in their pursuit for perfection.
If your birth star is Vishaka, you have a special connection to Lord Muruga and a personal fire ritual to Lord Muruga on his June 5th birthday will bring you personal break-throughs.
Devotion towards Lord Muruga helps in elimination of Karma by raising your Kundalini up from the Muladara, which is the lowest chakra to the Sahasrara, the highest chakra. The Vel or Lance also gives infinite intelligence to you which you cannot gain by any traditional learning. Lord Muruga's vehicle peacock represents the greatest mantra 'OM' whereas the rooster drives away evil spirits.
How to Pray on Muruga's Birthday?
To meditate on the third eye with the sounds Ah, OO, and Ma which together becomes OM. You have to recite them six rounds with alertness and pray to Muruga. Everything that Muruga is associated with involves destruction of evil.
Lord Muruga's birthday represents one fantastic opportunity to UP your consciousness for happy and abundant living.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pradoshams for karma removal

Pradoshams offer a powerful time for karma removal and the next set occurs on May 22nd and June 5th, both Fridays. Friday is ruled by Goddess Maha Lakshmi, giving you rare back to back Friday Pradoshams to please the deity who controls your money.
Pradoshams on Fridays are very special to a form of Lord Vishnu by name Lakshmi Narasimha. Lakshmi Narasimha incarnated during Pradosham time and praying to him on Pradosham days provides you with blessings for money.
If you are subject to other's jealousy, hatred and enmity, then Lord Narasimha will offer special relief to you. When you pray to him with butter balls, he is appeased and protects you from evil eye and malicious acts of others. You will be blessed with prosperity and also recover lost assets.
Legend of Narasimha and Pradosham:
One of the greatest incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu is Lord Narasimha Avatar. In this avatar, Lord Vishnu takes the form of a man-lion to eliminate the super demon Hiranyakasibu. The Siddhas give a metaphorical explanation for this avatar. Hiranya represents the ego at its peak. When your ego is super inflated, you act rashly and with less prudence. Lord Maha Vishnu decided to teach a lesson to the human beings on the limits that one shouldn't exceed as far as EGO is concerned. So he is depicted as having torn the demon who was an epitome of EGO, in the form of Narasimha. This event happened during Pradosham time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lord Saturn goes direct on May 17th

If there is one planet who can make a king out of a pauper and vice versa, it is Saturn. The great Lord Saturn goes direct on May 17th promising a better time for ahead.
It is important understand the nuances of this transit and be prepared so that you can amplify your returns manifold.
Lord Saturn in the past 6 months has been remorseless in bringing markets down and governments down with unemployment rates at the highest worldwide. You would get some relief from these effects of Saturn in the next few months.
While Saturn presents a positive situation for growth and consolidation in the coming months, other material energies have to be oriented appropriately so that you achieve growth during this critical period.
Saturn going direct on May 17th happens to be on the Eight Moon and is incredibly auspicious for the Goddess Kali.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vishnupati which falls on May 14th night.

Are you totally worn out with the daily battle for finances that you wage impacting your health and fitness?
Help is around the corner in the form of Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu's blessings during Vishnupati.
Vishnupati which falls on May 14th night. The rituals are performed on May 15th morning, is a time when money miracles happen. Mythologically, this is also an important time when significant celestial events occurred which carry important lessons in evolution of Human consciousness. The energy that is associated with this event is far reaching and life changing. But the Siddhas feel fellow human beings have not taken cognizance of this fact. We know Pradoshams, Akshaya Trithai and other events of great significance. Just like them, Vishnupati is an equally auspicious event and occurs only four times a year. Irrespective of religion, nationality etc., you can take advantage to move forward both in your material and spiritual life.
Mythologically, this is also an important time when significant celestial events occurred which carry important lessons in evolution of Human consciousness. There is an interesting legend associated with Vishnupati and Lord Hanuman. Lord Ram's (an avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu) wife was abducted by the demon king Ravana and imprisoned in Lanka. In his epic battle with Ravana, Sri Ram felt very weak and couldn't continue. He sought the advice of Lord Hanuman to prescribe adequate remedies to regain strength. Lord Hanuman, being a devotee so close to Lord Ram was so overwhelmed by the moment. He felt that this was a delusive play of Lord Ram but still told Lord Ram that he had to seek Sage Agastya's advice for the remedies.
Sage Agastya prescribed the sacred 'Aditya Hrudaya' mantra to Lord Ram and asked him to perform it with all austerities. The entire sacred mantra pooja was written in sacred stones by Lord Jambavan, another devotee of Lord Ram. Lord Ram regained his strength as a result of this special pooja. To ensure that human beings get incredible blessings from the poojas conducted by Him, Lord Ram created a mountain out of the mantras written on stone. As per Siddhas, this sacred mountain is the Padalur mountain series, which is close to Trichy in TamilNadu. Lord Ram asked Lord Hanuman in the form of 'Veera Anjaneya' to permanently bless people who pray in these mountains.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi - on 12th May (Tuesday)

Lord Vishnu's Ekadashi, Lord Shivshankar's Shivratri, like this Shri Ganesh's Chaturthi is observed by his devotees.
This Chaturthi is very dear to Shri Ganesh. Ganapati Atharvashirsha describes this Chaturthi as -Chaturthyamanshnan Japati. Chaturthi means fourth stage. Ganapati is beyond three stages of human body i.e. awakened stage, dreaming stage & a middle stage between these two stages. When Ganesh is in his Turia Means fourth stage, one can have his darshan. As Such Chaturthi has special importance.
SANKASHTI CHATURTHI : This vow is done by devotees on fourth day of sencond fortnight of every month. On this day devotees fast for whole day & break their fast after having darshan of Lord moon & worshipping Lord Ganesha. This vow is observed strictly by devotees to get rid of problems in there life. On this day in the evening after having bath first, worship Lord Ganesh, offer 21 Durvas, do Aarti, show Naivedyam & pray for fulfilling your desires. Then have Lord moon's darshan, offer his Naivedyam, give meal to Brahman & break your fast. In this way if vow is observed all your desires are fulfilled.
ANGARAKI CHATURTHI : If Sankashti Chaturthi comes on Tuesday, it is call Angaraki. The vow is completed on the same day. Devotees have their meal in the night after having darshan of lord moon.
The Sankashti, which falls on Tuesday, is known as ‘Angarki Chaturthi’. On this day, the devotees observe fast. They have their meal in the night after having darshan of lord moon.The Angarki Chaturthi falls once in six months and devotees believe their wishes would be fulfilled if they pray on this auspicious day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Chitra Full Moon on May 8.

The Moon represents our moods. The waxing and waning moon signifies the highs and lows that we experience everyday. The full Moon represents completeness and fulfillment. Any prayers on that particular day specifically for money related or material aspects will be granted immediately. While the New Moon represents the stillness and calmness, the Full Moon represents vibrancy and dynamism. You receive maximum support for all your wordly pursuits on the Full Moon day.
Of all the Full Moon days, there is one Full Moon which is considered to be very holy for altering your karmic balance. This is the Chitra Full Moon on May 8.
All the good and bad deeds that we engage in are stored as transactions in the akashic records, which is your divine personal log. Chitra Gupta is the celestial being who is the accountant incharge of presenting these records to Lord Yama, the God of death. So by appeasing Chitra Gupta, your final day of judgment will be less severe.
This is also a day dear to Lord Satyanarayana, the custodian of truth and prosperity. It is very auspicious to perform the Satyanarayana pooja on the Chitra Full Moon day. Lord Satyanarayana is an extremely benevolent form of Lord Vishnu: Satya, means Truth or Dharma, and Narayana as another name for Vishnu. During this pooja people worship Lord Satyanarayana by reciting his story. This story was originally narrated by Lord Vishnu himself to the sage Narada for the benefit of human-kind.
Performing this pooja grants prosperity and abundance in ones life. This pooja is not only performed on Full Moon days, but also at the time of weddings, on other auspicious occasion or even at the time of achievements. Generally it is performed during the evening hours of the Full Moon Day. On the pooja day the devotees of Lord Satyanarayana customarily undergo fasting.
The pooja starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, followed by the pooja for the 9 planets, the Navagrahas. Then the pooja for Lord Satyanarayana begins with the chanting of mantras, offering of a variety of flowers and food offerings. Also during the pooja, the story of the origin of the pooja is read to be heard among all those observing and partaking in it. The story also explains the benefits of performing the pooja.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jupiter moving out

Jupiter's sojourn in Capricorn in a debilitated condition has been troublesome for the entire world.
Now Jupiter is moving out of his debilitation promising a better period for your wealth. Jupiter can bring you both relationship and wealth. On 1st May 2009, Jupiter will transit to Aquarius.
Jupiter's entry into Aquarius will shine a new light on the seemingly intractable problems of the past year or more, with a significant shift in consciousness
The change from Capricorn to airy Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, generating better chances for general success in life, but invoking a restless, nervous and erratic atmosphere in the collective, especially at a political, financial and religious level (these are the areas mainly governed by Jupiter).
Jupiter's naturally expansive character is not so well expressed in Aquarius, a sign which is traditionally ruled by Saturn, a frugal, cautious influence. Jupiter in Aquarius is, notwithstanding, innately humane, optimistic, original and philosophical. Fond of friends and company, Aquarius is interested in science, mysticism, literature and music. Jupiter here improves our chances for general success in life, but can be restless, nervous and erratic, with a lack of inclination for serious work. Jupiter in Aquarius can operate efficiently within traditional ideas and institutions, while at the same time remaining receptive to ideas and activities that on the surface may seem fantastic or bizarre.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Importance of the Moon

The Moon is seen as THE SOUL, the link between the Spirit of the Sun and Matter (The Earth). It absorbs the light and heat from the Sun and gives it creative form. It governs the subconscious, the emotions and the behavioural instincts, it reflects the power of the inner life and indicates how you deal with and portray yourself to others.
The Moon represents instinct and habit, feeling, memory and imagination. It is the PERSONALITY through which the INDIVIDUALITY of the Sun expresses itself. Its symbol, the crescent of reception, represents the Moon as a lens focussing the rays of the sun. This is the planet of the home, domestic life, the family - especially babies and children, the "Mother" and other females in your life.
How the Moon will manifest its energy, the nature of the Soul and its spiritual development, depends on the horoscope as a whole. The Sign (and its Element), the House in which if falls, and the Aspects to the other planets will all have a bearing on any interpretation.
The Moon represents our emotions and the need for security. It represents our early environment and particularly the way we experienced the mother. It shows our ability to be sensitive to the environment and to both give and receive emotion.
The Moon is related to instincts, and is profoundly connected to the personal unconscious, and all the habitual behaviour that is looked after by this mysterious part of ourselves. The Moon shows how we instinctively react to protect ourselves and others.
The Moon goes through all 12 Signs in a month. The Moon sign's influence is at least as powerful as the Sun.
The House the Moon is in shows the particular area in our life which we allocate to increasing our feelings of security. However it is also this area where we experience the greatest growth and show the greatest concern for others.
The Moon Key Facts
Rules: Cancer
Detriment: Capricorn
Exhalt: Taurus
Colours: Silvery Grey, white
Stones & Metals: Opal, moonstone, pearl, crystal and silver
Keywords: Fertility, feminine, mother, the soul

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Importance of Mercury Planet

Mercury is seen as THE MIND, the giver of wisdom and our progression from the purely instinctive realm of the animal kingdom by the use of the INTELLECT.
It is ideas, methods, information, progressing through experimentation and invention. The transmitter of the spiritual to the material. . Mercury associates with children before puberty and through this connects with tricks and jokes, youthfulness and light-heartedness. It rules all forms of communication, for example telephone calls, letters, speech. This planet is mobile and intellectual; it rules the sciences, curiosity, manner of thought and travel. It is also associated with merchants, commerce and mental pursuits.
It represents the power of communication, interpretation and self-expression, intelligence and reason. Its action is to quicken and enliven whilst adding mobility and fluidity. The symbol illustrates receptivity resulting from the exaltation of spirit over matter.
How Mercury will manifest its energy, the indicator of your intellectual and inventive abilities, depends on the horoscope as a whole.
It is connected with contacts to siblings, friends and people at school. Mercury represents our thoughts and the constant activity that goes on in our heads. It is connected to the nervous system and physical co-ordination.
Aspects to Mercury show mental talents and communication styles in a very specific way. They indicate our individual interests and abilities
Mercury Key Facts
Rules: Gemini & Virgo
Detriment: Sagittarius & Pisces
Colours: Blues and violets
Stones & Metals: Marble, aquamarine, glass and mercury
Keywords: Communication and travel.

Planet Venus

The planet Venus controls finances and relationship. Venus is currently exalted in the sign of Pisces but in retrograde motion.
As per Vedic astrology, an exalted planet in retrograde behaves like a debilitated planet. From February 5, 2009 Saturn has been in Purvaphalguni, one of the stars governed by Venus located in the constellation of Leo. Saturn in Leo is causing the current economic and personal crisis to precipitate. To make matters more difficult, Venus in retrograde motion till April 17th is bound to impact areas of relationship and finance even further.
Extreme care should be taken while you traverse this time period from now until April 17th in the areas of relationship and dispensable personal cash.
Some astrologers have advised to avoid activities like dating, bank transactions, interviews, important meetings, trading and speculation on all Saturdays and all Saturn star days which include Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada until May 16th. The activities have a high rate of failure till April 17th and undue delays till May 16th.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mars - The God of War

Mars, is the ruler of Aries.
In astrology, Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. It is the survival instinct, and can be thought of as the "leftover" animal nature of man.
Mars rules our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. Our sexual desires come under the rule of Mars. Mars is most associated with basic body attraction. This is the planet of action rather than reaction. With Mars, there is no contemplation before action. The drive associated with Mars differs from that of the Sun in that it is self-assertion rather than assertion of the will; it is raw energy rather than creative energy.
Mars is the push that gets us out of bed in the morning, our drive and desire nature, and our active energy. When we are "acting out" our Mars, we are assertive, directed, forthright, and adventurous. On the negative side, we can be impulsive, rash, impatient, aggressive, and forceful.
Astrologically Mars is seen as THE EGO in action, the aggressive planet which causes divisions and splits between mankind but is the giver of courage and physical energy.
The risk taker with an idominitable will to succeed. Mars represents drive and masculinity, as well as issues connected with sexuality and power. It indicates the work we choose and the way we approach it. Mars is strongly associated with the experience of brothers, the father and men in general.
Where Mars is there is trouble, but also the fighting instinct to get on in life. Mars shows challenges and the ability to meet them bravely. Mars is connected with the muscular system.
Mars Key Facts
Rules: Aries & Scorpio
Detriment: Libra & Taurus
Exhalt: Capricorn
Fall: Cancer
Colours: Red and scarlets, dark browns
Stones & Metals: Bloodstone, malachite, flint, iron and steel
Keywords: Creation and Destruction

Friday, March 6, 2009

Effects of the Sun

Astrologically the Sun is seen as THE SPIRIT. It is seen as the core of your being, your will and INDIVIDUALITY - the basic inner force that motivates everything that you do, your uniqueness.
The Sun is what we aspire to, what we wish to believe of ourselves, how we express ourselves, our essential value, the "essence" of who we are. It represents vitality, leadership, creativity and the nobility of mankind. It often denotes those of high or noble birth and is important in relationships with superiors. Its action is to illuminate (obviously), stabilise, integrate, elevate and improve.
How the Sun will manifest its energy, it's life-generating creative potential, depends on the horoscope as a whole. The Sign (and its Element), the House in which it falls, and the Aspects to the other planets, will all have a bearing on any interpretation.
The sign the Sun is in shows the direction in which we strive to realise ourselves. The Sun changes sign every month, defining your birth sign. The qualities of this sign are like adjectives, which colour our self-expression. We have to develop and perfect these qualities to truly find ourselves.
The House the Sun is in indicates the specific area in the material world in which we manifest our identity. We will identify very strongly with the practical issues that this House represents. Self-realisation comes through the matters connected with the House.
The Aspects to our Sun show psychological influences on our identity which have to be integrated in some way. Aspects indicate specific effects that modify the expression of our identity and make us unique individuals.
The Sun Key Facts
Rules: Leo
Detriment: Aquarius
Exhalt: Aries
Fall: Libra
Colours: Gold, Deep Yellow and Orange
Stones & Metals: Ruby, Diamond, Gold.
Keywords: Power, Strength, Self Expression

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Power of Eight

The number Eight is ruled by Saturn. The number Eight brings an extremely loyal, perservering, tenacious energy. Those with this number are here to gain mastery of the self. They are cool and analytic, and can be considered a master of shrewdness. They have great determination and would do well to use meditation to develop a polished, one-pointed mind, as they have capacity for great concentration.
Those with the number Eight have a strong drive to achieve, and they are a natural to succeed with organization and business. The number Eight creates a flair for material success. They have great sympathy for the oppressed, as any struggles they have endured make them compassionate toward pain in others. The number Eight brings forth a natural interest in justice and law. Those with the number Eight do well with many forms of corporate business including banking and accounting. They have some visionary abilities and are powerful when being authentic. They should guard against extreme views if they become interested in religion and tolerance toward others who may not share their beliefs should be practiced. Those with the number Eight are naturally patient and persevering.
They are willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals, but this should not let them become arrogant toward others who are not as strong-minded. They should never underestimate the strength of their will-power and should apply it for noble purposes. Their endurance can help make the world a better place and they are capable of making a real difference in the lives of others.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Power of Seven

The number Seven is ruled by Ketu.
This number brings a thoughtful, independent, discerning energy. Those whose number is Seven are blessed with the ability to analyze, seek out, dig deeply and contemplate. It is natural for those with Seven to use their skills at research and observation. Travel to foreign countries may open business opportunities for those with Seven, and pilgrimages to spiritual power places in other countries deeply strengthens them. The number Seven brings curiosity about other cultures and benefits from exposure to them. Seven creates strong intuition and a natural interest in occult sciences. Qualities associated with Seven are good for education and teaching, as it creates a deep love and respect for wisdom.
Those with Seven as their number are mystical with a deep desire to help reduce the suffering of others. Career fields that they could do well in include scientific research, law, medicine, writing, musical composition, astrology, philosophy, theology or work dealing with book shops or libraries. Those with Seven should work on patience and perseverance to obtain the best results for their efforts. They have a natural affinity for the sea, and a home by the water is soothing for them as is meditating near the ocean or a lake. Their lives work best when they are motivated by high ideals, and when they feel they are following noble impulses.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shivaratri 2009 is on February 23

Auspicious festival of Mahashivaratri falls on the 13th or the 14th night of the new moon during Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Phalgun.
According to Hindu mythology, Shivaratri or 'Shiva's Great Night' symbolizes the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Many however, believe, Shivaratri is the night when Lord Shiva performed the Tandava Nritya - the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction. Celebrating the festival in a customary manner, devotees give a ritual bath to the Lingam with the panchagavya - milk, sour milk, urine, butter and dung. Celebrations of Shivaratri Festival mainly take place at night. Devotees of Lord Shiva throng Shiva temples across the country and spend ‘the Night of Lord Shiva’ by chanting verses and hymns in praise of the Lord. The festival holds special meaning for the ladies. They pray to Goddess Parvati also called 'Gaura', the giver of 'suhag' for good husbands, marital bliss and a long and prosperous married life.
According to Siddhas, our subtle body has nine layers which are controlled by the nine planets.
If there is a special time when we can remedy even the bad karmas that we accumulate as part of our sleep, it can only be the 'Shivaratri' or otherwise referred to as 'Night of Shiva'. It is a special night when Goddess Parvathi or Ambigai performs special poojas for Lord Shiva so as to get benefits for mankind. So by performing Shivaratri prayers, we can be part of the special Goddess prayer and lighten our karma.
Shivaratri is the auspicious time for every soul to get into the primordial consciousness of non-existence or Nirvana. One of the most holy nights in Vedic traditions is Maha Shivaratri, The Great Night of Shiva. Maha Shivaratri occurs once yearly on the eve of the New Moon when the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius. This year Maha Shivaratri occurs on Feb 23.
In addition to the Maha Shivaratri, Monthly Shivaratri gives you one opportunity a month to get the grace of the mighty Lord Shiva so as to cure your subtle bodies holistically, thereby improving your wellbeing. This would ensure you drop off all negative vibrations which prevent you from attracting money, great relationship etc.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Power of Six

The number Six is ruled by Venus and influenced by Mars. The number Six brings a nurturing, beautifying energy. Those influenced by Six are compassionate and can express generosity and give comfort to others. They are capable of being truly considerate and loving. They have a romantic side and would do well to create a beautiful environment in their homes, as they have great ability to enjoy the material world and its pleasures. Those with Six bring their love of beauty into service with the larger community. Their creative talents brings harmony in their career field. Poetry, music, dance and other arts can open many doors for them. Those with Six should ward off vanity and temperamental outbursts and use their influence with others with grace and dignity. Yogic practices will do wonders for those with Six to help them maintain their spiritual connection and inner happiness.
Relationships are an interest to them, and they have the ability to counsel others. Those with Six have a quiet charm and a capacity to share Light and wisdom with those around them. They should embrace their love of wealth and their enjoyment of material comforts as part of what they came here to share with others.

Monday, February 9, 2009


This quarter Vishnupathy occurs between 2.00 AM and 10.30 AM on Feb 16 (as per IST). It is a very sacred time and offering prayers during that time brings incredible material blessings. It diffuses your EGO and helps you to attract right people, things into your life. You only have four opportunities every year to be blessed.
It is said that all challenges at home, office and at work can be overcome when you perform poojas during the Vishnupathy time period.
The holy 'Nandi' or the 'bull' as per vedic mythology is a blessed celestial being and carries flowers to Mt. Kailash which is the abode of Lord Shiva and 'Vaikunta' which is the abode of Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Garuda who carries Lord Vishnu became ego centered only for a moment and had to relinquish the holy duty of being Lord Vishnu's vehicle as well as his daily duty of carrying flowers to Vaikunta. Lord Vishnu taught him a lesson and started using the holy 'Nandi' or Bull as his vehicle. Lord Garuda prayed for redemption and was granted his status of carrying Lord Vishnu again during the holy time of Vishnupathy.
Your material status also improves as you eliminate your Ego as your holistic well being improves and can attract money amongst other things.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day of Light - Feb 8th

The Pushya star, also known as Poosam, falling on the full Moon day in the vedic month of 'Thai' ( Jan 14 - Feb 12) is considered to be very auspicious and this day is popularly known as 'Thai Poosam' or 'Day of Light'.
This year it falls on February 8. 'Thai Poosam' is a time for ascension from a material to pure spiritual domain. This is one of the best opportunities to enhance our thought patterns so that we are holistically much better than before. You get only may be a dozen mega opportunities a year to enhance your positive energy patterns and Thai Poosam is one such important celestial event. This day happens to fall immediately after the Pradosham day on February 7, a Saturday. This is a rare co-incidence and you should never miss offering prayers on these two important days. You could thereby get the blessings of Lord Saturn and Lord Muruga together.
There are several legends about the festival Thaipusam.
Here are a few of them There was a demon named Tarakasura who had a boon that he can be killed only by shiva's son. Tarakasura gave a lot of trouble to the rishis and saints, and devatas. Lord Muruga (Kartikeya swami / Subramanyam swami) was called by his parents Lord Shiva and Parvati and given the job of destroying the Asuran. Lord Muruga set off with the blessings of his parents to destroy the demon. He took with him twelve weapons, eleven of which were given by his father Lord Shiva and the 'Vel' given by his mother Parvati. Lord Muruga destroyed Tarakasura on this Poosam Nakshatra day in the Tamil month of Thai (Sun in Makara rashi) and hence Thai Poosam is celebrated in all Murugan / Subramanyam temples.
Just as a commander vanquishes evil forces for the good of humanity, as an ascetic Lord Muruga reminds us to control the demonic mind and its tricks, thereby guarding oneself against jealousy, anger, lust and other undesirable qualities. Lord Muruga is known to bestow both material and spiritual abundance to His devotees. So 'Thai Poosam' or 'Day of Light' is a day when you can engage yourself in Muruga worship by offering prayers to Him.
Thai Poosam dates for 2009
USA, Canada, Europe: February 8th 2009
Africa, Gulf countries: February 8th 2009
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka: February 8th 2009
China, Manglolia, Indonesia: February 8th 2009
Thiland, Vietnam, Hongkong: February 8th 2009
Malaysia: February 8th 2009
Singapore, Japan, Australia, Newzealand, Fiji: February 9th 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese Zodiac year of OX - 2009

The Ox of Chinese Astrology is no bull in a china shop. Steadfast and solid, this powerful Sign is a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. Oxen tend to be plodding and methodical; they approach projects in the step-by-step manner that serves them best, and they never lose sight of their goal. They are tireless workers who are detail-oriented and believe in doing things right the first time.
The world may perceive Oxen as being far too serious or incapable of loosening up. This sturdy sort is less than social by nature and tends to become introverted in a crowd. To make things worse, they can't be bothered with what other people think and prefer to do what makes them feel best. Behind that calm facade, though, lives an Ox who can feel hurt, lonely and unable to connect with others. Friends and family are a great source of comfort to this beast, even if they don't always understand what makes the Ox tick. As a lover, friend, family member or housemate, the Ox makes a wonderfully strong, tender and affectionate companion who is protective and always reliable.
Out in the world, though, Oxen tend to be stubborn, dogmatic, my-way-or-the-highway kind of people who have no concept of when to back down. Oxen don't care to be pushed, especially since they think they're the good guys of the Chinese Zodiac. There is some truth to that theory, since the Ox is smart, trustworthy, caring and honorable. If you need honest, steady and unbiased advice, call on the Ox.
A good lesson for mighty Oxen is to strive to overcome a judgmental nature that keeps them from getting close to others. If they can learn to value their own good qualities, they'll have more room in their hearts to invite others in.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Partial Solar Eclipse - 2009 Jan 26th

The Solar Eclipse will be visible in South India, some parts of Eastern India, South Africa and Western Australia. The eclipse is slated to begin in South Africa and end in South Eastern China. Full eclipse will be visible in Japan and Southern China as well as other Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam & Korea including some parts of Southern India, while the central path of the eclipse runs through Sumatran islands of Indonesian region. Impact is likely to be felt be in those areas only, especially in the region of Thailand to Japan.
The Sun will be over in the east when the eclipse starts - make sure your view won't be blocked by buildings or trees.
The solar eclipse will occur in zodiac sign of Capricorn (Makar) and the moon star - asterism (Shravana Nakshatra). Thus, the whole emphasis of this solar eclipse will be in Earth Sign, with 5 planets placed therein. The planet Saturn (Shani), the lord of Capricorn, will be retrograde and conjunction to the sign in which the eclipse occurs, indicating some hard hitting action.
The solar eclipse may have the following impact on the Moon Signs:
For Scorpio, Pisces, Aries and Leo - Favorable phase
For Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Sagittarius - Middle phase
For Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius - Most Favorable phase

The Power of Five

The number Five is ruled by Mercury. The number Five brings an adaptable, versatile, mutable energy. Those with Five are energetic, productive, and enterprising, with an aggressive side that serves well in business or career. They will experience both change and progress several times in their lives. The number Five creates talents in commercial and media fields, especially careers associated with communication. Those with Five do best when kept busy and can become moody and impatient when work is slow. They must ensure they get enough sleep as their quick mind can become strained without sufficient rest. Daily meditation will be extremely renewing and helpful for them.
Those with Five cannot afford to indulge in depression and must learn to monitor their moods so that they are graceful with others. Those with Five are well liked by others, but must guard against a tendency toward sarcasm and learn to soften their speech with kindness. They embrace freedom and following their curiosity. Sculpture, music, mathematics and the arts have value for them. Those with Five will benefit from higher education such as colleges and universities throughout their life, as Five brings the ability and intelligence to pick up new concepts quickly. They have a natural gift for resourcefulness and can be unshakeable in a crisis. Those with the number Five are here on a path of liberation and freedom. They can help others learn to embrace change.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Military and Electronic Requirements

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Power of Four

The number Four is ruled by Rahu. Those with the number Four have a steadfast, stabilizing energy, and a great love for freedom of expression. The number Four brings good business insight with excellent managerial and organizational skills. Those with Four tend to be pragmatic, which is a great strength. While they are hard working and efficient, they should be gracious toward others who are not as dedicated.
Those with Four have a steadying influence on others through their ability to maintain order and convention, however the number Four creates a tendency towards taking on the fears and worries of others. A good daily practice for those whose number is Four is to review the entire day at night, and give thanks for the gifts and blessings that have occurred, whether large or small. They should express appreciation and celebrate life. This positive, heartfelt outflow will help protect those with the number Four from their habit of worry. This tendency should be conquered as it drains the energy needed for accomplishment. The number Four brings abilities for patience and detachment. Meditation will help keep their confidence and focus flowing. Those who have Four are among the salt of the earth who truly follow through with commitment.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Power of Three

The number Three is ruled by Jupiter. This number brings a tendency toward spirituality, compassion towards others, and optimism. Those with the number Three are happy by nature and have the ability to let go of grudges easily. Being overly idealistic may pose a problem, and their practical lives should be balanced with attention to business matters and development of entrepreneurship. Sincerity and responsibility are good qualities for those with the number Three to develop, as others respect these qualities.
Those with the number Three can make others comfortable in conversation and social situations, and people appreciate them for this. They do well to apply discipline to their own life, but do not insist on that with others. Those with Three will benefit from rigorously organizing their daily life, as this will allow more of their genuine creativity to flourish. Their home should be kept spotless as chaos in that area is a source of stress. It is important for those with the number Three to renew themselves by spending some time in nature on a regular basis. Those with the number Three have great capacity to be beneficial to others and should never be wasteful. They should not yield to any addictive tendencies, as they will evolve through a path of moderation and humility. They aspire towards being ethical in their dealings and carefully weigh what others say.
The purpose of those with Three is to help energize and inspire others. Their natural wit can lighten many situations, and their gift for words should always be used in a positive way. Their genuine optimism can help draw many toward Light.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 'Bogi' festival

Jan 13th is The 'Bogi' festival, a time to clean your homes and your mind. This is a sacred opportunity and falls on the last day of the month of Margazhi, occurring just before the harvest festival known as Sankranthi or Pongal.
Religously this means overhaul of your current self and getting ready for a higher self. Materially this means clearing up all old personal stuff which carry the vibrations of the previous years. This festival indicates leaving behind the old way of doing things be it relationshp, money matters or health habits.
This year Bogi falls on Tuesday which is a day auaspicious for Jyeshta Devi, the Goddess who eliminates misfortunes. Offering prayers to her on this day will burn away your misfortunes and make way for a fulfilling year ahead.
The first day of the vedic month of 'Thai' is January 14th. This is the day when Sun enters the sign Capricorn. This is also the day of the great harvest festival 'Pongal' and synchronizes with the vedic winter solstice. Winter comes to an end and there is gradual onset of sunny days. Worshipping the Sun on this day is incredibly powerful to give a jumpstart to all your activities for the year.
The second day of the vedic month of 'Thai', January 15 is a thanksgiving celebrations for cows and cattle. They are well decorated and special poojas are performed for them. Worshipping the cow during 'Cow Pongal' brings good luck and fortune to you and your family.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chant "Om Nama Shivaya" 108 or 1008 times on January 10th

January 8th, 9th and 10th are all auspicious days for Lord Shiva.
January 8th is Pradosham day!
January 9th is a Nataraja abhishekam day in which the Dancing Shiva is powerful!
January 10th is Arudra Darshanam or Lord Shiva's birthday.
This is the perfect combination to start 2009.
Pradosham is a great time to clear our Karmic baggage.
Nataraja abhishekam is a time to worship Shiva in his dancing form to wipe out sins from your Akashic records.
This concludes with Lord Shiva's Birthday on January 10.
'Thiruvanamallai' is a representation of the highest divinity, Lord Shiva, in the form of a mountain. This is called a 'Swayumbu Linga' or 'Self formed Linga' and, without any bar on religion or nationality, showers blessings when you think of it and when you circumambulate it. Performing circumambulation of this sacred mountain is considered the greatest tool to wipe out your limiting, ego-based thought patterns and to manifest whatever you want, both material and spiritual. Since this mountain is considered a special form of Lord Shiva, offer your prayers to Lord Shiva on that day. It is considered very sacred to feed people who perform the circumambulation, called as 'Girivalam'. Each month on the Full Moon, a minimum of 200,000 and often times 1,000,000 people come from all over the world walk the 18 km (12 miles) around Thiruvanamallai. This time the Full Moon happens to fall on the Arudra Star marking Lord Shiva’s Birthday.
Focus your mind on this sacred mountain on January 10th and chant "Om Nama Shivaya" 108 or 1008 times.

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