Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 'Bogi' festival

Jan 13th is The 'Bogi' festival, a time to clean your homes and your mind. This is a sacred opportunity and falls on the last day of the month of Margazhi, occurring just before the harvest festival known as Sankranthi or Pongal.
Religously this means overhaul of your current self and getting ready for a higher self. Materially this means clearing up all old personal stuff which carry the vibrations of the previous years. This festival indicates leaving behind the old way of doing things be it relationshp, money matters or health habits.
This year Bogi falls on Tuesday which is a day auaspicious for Jyeshta Devi, the Goddess who eliminates misfortunes. Offering prayers to her on this day will burn away your misfortunes and make way for a fulfilling year ahead.
The first day of the vedic month of 'Thai' is January 14th. This is the day when Sun enters the sign Capricorn. This is also the day of the great harvest festival 'Pongal' and synchronizes with the vedic winter solstice. Winter comes to an end and there is gradual onset of sunny days. Worshipping the Sun on this day is incredibly powerful to give a jumpstart to all your activities for the year.
The second day of the vedic month of 'Thai', January 15 is a thanksgiving celebrations for cows and cattle. They are well decorated and special poojas are performed for them. Worshipping the cow during 'Cow Pongal' brings good luck and fortune to you and your family.

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