Monday, January 12, 2009

The Power of Three

The number Three is ruled by Jupiter. This number brings a tendency toward spirituality, compassion towards others, and optimism. Those with the number Three are happy by nature and have the ability to let go of grudges easily. Being overly idealistic may pose a problem, and their practical lives should be balanced with attention to business matters and development of entrepreneurship. Sincerity and responsibility are good qualities for those with the number Three to develop, as others respect these qualities.
Those with the number Three can make others comfortable in conversation and social situations, and people appreciate them for this. They do well to apply discipline to their own life, but do not insist on that with others. Those with Three will benefit from rigorously organizing their daily life, as this will allow more of their genuine creativity to flourish. Their home should be kept spotless as chaos in that area is a source of stress. It is important for those with the number Three to renew themselves by spending some time in nature on a regular basis. Those with the number Three have great capacity to be beneficial to others and should never be wasteful. They should not yield to any addictive tendencies, as they will evolve through a path of moderation and humility. They aspire towards being ethical in their dealings and carefully weigh what others say.
The purpose of those with Three is to help energize and inspire others. Their natural wit can lighten many situations, and their gift for words should always be used in a positive way. Their genuine optimism can help draw many toward Light.

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