Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 20/21st is the Total Lunar Eclipse

A Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible after midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 21 in North and South America. The beginning of the total eclipse will be visible from northern Europe just before sunrise. The end of the total eclipse will be visible rising at sunset for Japan and northeastern Asia.
It will be the first total lunar eclipse in nearly 3 years, the last being on February 20, 2008.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth gets between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon. Solar eclipses occur during New Moons, and Lunar Eclipses occur during Full Moons. The eclipse of the Moon, when the light of the Moon mysteriously darkens at the luminous height of a Full Moon, has traditionally been viewed as a bad omen as it can awaken distinctly irrational responses.

A Solar Eclipse affects people on a more outward, public level. A Lunar eclipse will cause he Moon governs the emotional personality, rather than leadership, domestic matters so one can expect a deeper, more inward shift with this upcoming Lunar Eclipse.

Wherever an eclipse falls in your chart is an area of life that is going to undergo some change, or at least require more of your time and attention than usual for the next five months or so.

December 20th is the Full Moon

The ruler of the Moon is Parvati, the Goddess or Shakti. At Chidambaram she is called Sri Sivagami. She is that which guides the mind in the right direction in life through her many phases. When the Moon is full, it is the time to focus on material concerns such as home, clothes and money. The Goddess is the energy force behind creation while Shiva is the cause.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What is Karma?

Why do some people have a successful career, loads of money, a seemingly great romantic life and radiant health and vitality while many others suffer for the want of one or many of these?
This is due to karma.
Karma rules all aspects of human life like health, wealth, education etc...
Everyone has a choice to live his/her old karma or create a new one. Because they do not know the technology to change their old karma, they simply live their old karma until they die.
Karma is not just a metaphysical philosophy; it is real. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible space-time complex of your soul. Then it manifests in life after an appropriate lapse of time. It is extremely important to remain positive and only nurture positive thoughts. There is a danger of the negative thoughts catching up to us and inflicting us in this life or in a life to come. It is the thought process that creates karma. It is the planets that influence thought.
A person must fulfill the responsibilities of personal karma with limitations before moving into a more advanced level of consciousness, or an unlimited, higher reality.
Karmic debt does not permit us to go beyond our limited consciousness. However Saturn’s lessons give opportunity. It is by understanding and working with Saturn that we can find balance with past karma and can go forward consciously to a more refined way of self-expression as an individual and collectively.
As we progress through life, we often find that it is through restrictions and the pain which comes from thwarted desires or aspirations, that we develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Life. No pain no gain.
Technology to Remove Old Karma
Pradosham timings provide the ideal opportunities to dissolve karmas. Since we accrue karmas every day, karma removal is an ongoing process; quite like cleaning your house or brushing your teeth.
Pradosham Each Day
You can observe this daily by chanting the mantra "Thiru Neela Kantam" inwardly or outwardly at any time during the dusk period. 108 times is considered the minimum or you can do 1,008 or 10,008.
Perform daily abishekam during this time by pouring milk or water over a Shiva Lingam while chanting the mantra.

"Thiru Neela Kantam"- the Karma Busting Mantra

Friday, November 26, 2010


December 5th, Jupiter transits into Pisces until May 8th, 2011.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, next to the sun which is 10 times bigger. It is a very slow moving and is basically a planet of expansion so all its movements are of great consequence as they bring great changes into our lives. Jupiter makes a complete round of the zodiac signs about every 12 years.
Therefore, this specific astrological configuration will not be experienced again for 12 years and whatever measures you make during this specific transit will greatly impact the next 12 years of your life.
Pisces and Sagittarius are the two Moon Signs ruled by Jupiter and during this transit Jupiter is going to enter Pisces. Whenever a planet transits into its own sign, it emits extravagant energies.

Jupiter is also known as the Guru or teacher planet. You can glean the knowledge that He has to impart if you pay attention to the teachings and understand what happens in His transits.
Jupiter in Pisces is charitable, sympathetic and hospitable and is always keen to help those in need. This position is highly sensitive and artistic, but is also secretive and subject to the influences and attachments to the world of desire.
Spiritual seeking and spiritual practices can produce great benefits, but Jupiter in Pisces is also often fond of mind-altering substances, like alcohol, which can lead to dependency, addiction and obsessive behaviour. During this period one can be susceptible to wild or erratic emotions that are a poison that could easily lead to self sabotage.
Jupiter will expand the mind and spiritual awareness but it will also expand expenditures, traumas and dramas, so, Pay Attention to the Guru and you will learn.
Jupiter is the only planet that is empowered to nullify any affliction that is caused by the other planets around. It is said that - 'If Jupiter blesses a person, it would nullify millions of negative influences'. Simply put, Jupiter is the channel of maximum divine help and this is especially true during its transit.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dhanteras 2010

Dhanteras is popularly known as the first day of Diwali and it is the day chosen by many people to make investments in gold or silver. Dhanteras 2010 date is November 3. It is observed two days before Diwali and falls on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight of Kartik Month. In Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the same period is the thirteenth day of Ashwina month.

Dhanvantari Jayanti, Dhantrayodashi and Yamdeepdan are also observed on the day.
A new utensil or gold or silver is bought for the house on the Dhanteras day. Some people also make it a point to make an investment on the day as it is believed that investments made on this day will appreciate.
Most people also wait for the day to purchase and give away Diwali gifts.

The day is also dedicated to Dhanavantri, the Hindu God of medicine, and therefore special Dhanvantari Puja is held on the day.
The day is of great significance to business community and homes. Houses are decorated and special rangolis are drawn on the floor. Small foot prints are made in the houses.
Dhanteras is not all about material wealth it is also a time to develop spiritual wealth and family bonding.
Dhanteras – Dhan means ‘wealth’ and theras indicates ‘the thirteenth day’.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Moon Signs

'Sun Sign' is the popular way of knowing about yourself and your horoscope, but what is a 'Moon Sign'? According to Hindu astrology, The Moon rules over your mind, while the Sun rules your soul. So for knowing your predictions, it is important to consider the combined effect of Sun Sign & Moon Sign.
In fact, The Moon Sign has given more importance in Astrology than Sun Sign and there is a reason for that. You may be surprised to know that the Moon Sign reflects more on your personality and your life than your Sun Sign.
By knowing the reading of your Moon Sign, you will be able to know how much the Moon affects your personality. The descriptions are quite general, but may reveal you some significant information about you.
Technically speaking, the Moon Sign means the position of your moon in a particular sign during your time of birth. Normally a moon stays in a sign for around 2.5 days so most of the time you will be able to find your moon sign even if you don’t know the correct time of your birth.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Durga Puja

Durga Puja observed in Aashin or Ashwin month (September – October) is one of the most popular Hindu festivals.
Durga Puja 2010 begins on October 7 with Mahalaya. Durga Puja rituals and celebrations begin on October 13, 2010 with Durga Saptami. Durga Puja is the biggest festival in West Bengal and eastern parts of India and it celebrates the annual visit of Mother Goddess Durga. In Bengal, she is worshipped as Shiva’s consort and is given the warmest welcome a married daughter can receive when she comes home. Traditionally Durga Puja begins on the Mahalaya day in Ashwin month.
Mahalaya – October 7, 2010
Durga Puja Shasti – October 13, 2010
Maha Saptami – October 14, 2010
Durga Ashtami – October 15, 2010
Durga Navami or Maha Nabami – October 16, 2010
Dashami – October 17, 2010
On the Shashti day, Kalash is prepared and it is kept in the house and with it begins rituals and celebrations.
The most auspicious day of the Durga Puja festival is the Maha Ashtami and the Maha Navami.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Paksha Shradh 2010 begins on September 24 and ends on October 7

Pitru Paksha Shradh, or Pitr Paksh Shraddh, is the annual rites and rituals offered to ancestors, relatives and dead parents in the month of Ashwin in North India and during Bhadrapad in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Pitru Paksha Shradh 2010 begins on September 24 and ends on October 7. It is popularly believed that the Shradh performed during the Pitr Paksh Shraddh fortnight is highly auspicious as it reaches the dead relatives immediately and therefore their souls attain liberation or rest in peace.
Pitru Paksha Shradh is performed during the Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon. In some regions, the Mahalaya Shradh Pitru Paksh fortnight begins with Purnima of Bhadrapad month. In majority of the regions it begins on the day after the Poornima.
Mahalaya Shradh is the final day of Shradh and the most important day of Pitru Paksh fortnight. It is also known as Sarvapitri or Sarvapitru Shradh and falls on the Amavasi or no moon day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ganesha Chaturthi (गणेश चतुर्थी)

Ganesha Chaturthi (गणेश चतुर्थी) , also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is the Hindu festival of Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, who is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees in the duration of this festival. It is the birthday of Lord Ganesha who is widely worshiped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.
The festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period). The date usually falls between 20 August and 15 September. The festival lasts for 10 days, ending on Anant Chaturdashi (fourteenth day of the waxing moon period).
While celebrated all over India, it is most elaborate in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat,Orissa , Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Outside India, it is celebrated widely in Nepal and by Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hindu festivals and auspicious days in September 2010:

September 2010 coincides with Shravan month and Bhadrapad month in Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada calendars while it is Bhadrapad month and Ashwin month as per North Indian Hindi calendar. September 2010 is Bhadra month and Ashwin month in Bengali calendar and it is Avani Masam and Puratasi masam in Tamil calendar. It coincides with Chingam month and Kanya or Kanni Masam in Malayalam calendar of Kerala.
1st September 2010 – Sri Krishna Janmashtami / Krishnashtami / Gokul Ashtami in South India. Ashtami Rohini in Kerala.
1st September 2010 – Sheetala Satam in Gujarat
2nd September 2010 – Sri Krishna Janmashtami in North Indian states and Gujarat.
2nd September 2010 – Gopalkala and Dahi Handi / Maha Nandotsav
3rd September 2010 – Goga Navami
4th September 2010 – Smarta Aja Ekadashi
5th September 2010 – Bhagvat or Vaishnava Aja Ekadasi
6th September 2010 – Som Pradosh
8th September 2010 – Amavasya or No Moon
8th September 2010 – Polala Amavasya in Andhra Pradesh and Pithori Amavas in North India
9th September 2010 – Bhadrapad month 2010 starts in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh
10th September 2010 – Bali Tritiya in Orissa
10th September 2010 – Hartalika Teej in North India / Shodasha Gauri Puja in Andhra Pradesh and Swarna Gauri Habba in Karnataka.
10th September 2010 – Varaha Jayanti
10th September 2010 – Samaveda Upakarma / Samavedi Avani Avittam
11th September 2010 – Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chavithi
12th September 2010 – Rishi Panchami / Rushi Panchami vrat
13th September 2010 – Surya Sashti
14th September 2010 – Amuktabharana Vratham
15th September 2010 – Radhastami Puja
15th September 2010 – Jyeshta Gauri Puja
16th September 2010 – Bhagavatha Jayanti
17th September 2010 – Ksheera Vrata starts / Gajalakshmi Vrat Puja
17th September 2010 – Kanni Masam starts in Kerala
17th September 2010 – Puratasi Month starts in Tamil Nadu
17th September 2010 – Biswakarma Puja / Vishwakarma Puja in North India
18th September 2010 – Aashin month (Ashwin month) starts in Bengal
18th September 2010 – Smarta Parsva Ekadasi (Parsva Parivartini Ekadashi)
19th September 2010 – Vaishnava Parsva Ekadashi (Parshva Parivarthini Ekadasi)
19th September 2010 – Vamana Jayanthi / Vamana Ekadasi
20th September 2010 – Pradosh Puja
22nd September 2010 – Ananta Chaturdashi / Anant Chaturthi / Ananta Vratham
22nd September 2010 – Ganesh nimajjan / Ganpati Visarjan (Ganesh idol immersion)
23rd September 2010 – Purnima or Full Moon day. Bhadrapad Purnima. Bhadrapad Poonam Ambaji Fair in Gujarat Ambaji Temple.
23rd September 2010 – Umamaheshwara Vratham
24th September 2010 – Purnima Mahalaya Shraddh
24th September 2010 – Mahalaya Paksha starts / Pitru Paksha / Shraddh Paksha begins.
24th September 2010 – Pratipada Shraddh (Padyami shraddha)
25th September 2010 – Dwitiya Shraddh (Vidiya shraddha)
26th September 2010 – Undralla Thadde
26th September 2010 – Tritiya Shraddh (Thadiya shraddha)
26th September 2010 – Sankashta Hara Chaturthi
27th September 2010 – Chaturthi Shraddh (Chavithi Shraddha) / Bharani Mahalaya Shraddh
28th September 2010 – Panchami Shraddh
29th September 2010 – Sashti Shraddha
30th September 2010 – Saptami Shraddha

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jupiter Aquarius Horoscope (2010)

Jupiter has entered in Aquarius zodiac sign on December 19th, 2009 and will stay in Aquarius till December 2nd, 2010. In other words, these horoscopes are valid for almost whole year 2010. 
For Aries, Jupiter is lord of house of luck and expenditure i.e. is ninth and twelfth respectively. Jupiter will be transiting in eleventh house this year. This indicates growth, opportunities and profits. There will be good cash flow and control in expenditure. There will be new opportunities on job and career front. Your efforts will give you positive results and the outcomes will be favorable. You will be benefits from siblings, friend, as well as influential people. There can be frequent journeys and even foreign travels. You will be benefitted by foreign countries. Frequent changes in job and locations may sometimes make you unhappy though.
Jupiter is lord of eighth and eleventh house for Taurus natives. Jupiter will be transiting in tenth house this year. You will be involved in righteous activities and ventures. There may be small problems in marriage and relationship front. You will make good long term investment which will give finer returns in the longer period. You will get support and favor from father, guru, boss and government. There will be earning through learning and you will be contented.
For Gemini, Jupiter is lord of seventh and tenth house. Jupiter will be transiting in ninth your house this year. Generally ownership of two Kendra makes Jupiter vulnerable but being posited in ninth it will give extremely positive results. This year can be characterized as expansion through knowledge. You will get teachers and will be involved in spiritual activities. You will also be involved in philanthropic activities this year. On the work front, you will get support from your boss and seniors which will results in progress in your job. There will be long journeys which will be beneficial for you. People are planning to publish books will get success this year. Students will get success in higher studies.
Jupiter is lord of sixth and ninth house for Cancer natives. Jupiter will be transiting in eighth house for you this year. Generally eighth house doesn’t give anything easily, so there will be initial difficulties and hurdles in everything. You will take other people’s support for making money. People involved in research activities will make a lot of progress this year. You need to be cautious about health of your father as this transit is generally not good for father. You may delve deep into spiritual mysteries and learn some secret or occult subjects. It is generally advised to be cautious in participating in any high-risk venture.
For Leo native, Jupiter is lord of fifth and eighth house. Jupiter will be transiting in your seventh house this year. Fifth and eight houses can encourage you to participate in speculative activities and you can lose money, so you need to limit yourself in participating in such activities. You need to be conservative this year in investment decision and avoid any risk. Business-people can get a new partners or investors in their business. Unmarried people can get life-partner this year as the seventh house is of life partner. There can be foreign travels for a short period. You will be benefitted through legal transactions and contracts.
For Virgo, Jupiter is lord of fourth and seventh house. Again being lord of two Kendra it is important that Jupiter is well placed in your birth chart and then only you can expect good results. Jupiter will be transiting through sixth house this year. Seventh lord in sixth is not good for marriage perspective, so people looking to marry may face some difficulties and hurdles. Being in sixth house, business-people will gain from business and able to win new business/ tenders etc. This position is also good for service people and they will have stable job. Subordinates will be very helpful and you will be able to make good progress due to support from your team members. You will be declared winner, if you are part of any legal battle or any other form of competition. You can though face some health problems this year.
For Libra, Jupiter is lord of third and sixth house. Jupiter will be traveling through your fifth house. For Libra native Jupiter is generally not good, but fifth house transit should be comparatively a better position for Jupiter. Married people will be blessed with children and your children should generally do well this year. You will be courageous and prove a good learner. This position is especially good for sport persons who will be able to make good progress this year. You will be inclined towards spirituality and will get a Guru this year. You will enjoy amusement and sports and may also part of such activities. You will be benefitted by Share Market and other forms of speculation. This may be difficult year for your maternal uncle and relative from your mother’s side. You will learn few new things that will add to your profile.
For Scorpio, Jupiter is lord of second and fifth house. Jupiter will be passing through your fourth house this year. You will gain through knowledge and your family. This is specially a good year for students and they will come out very successful this year. You will be contented and relaxed. You may buy new ornaments, luxurious items or a new house. Jupiter being a badhaka lord for your mother may give some trouble to your mother. This may not be a good year for your children and they may face difficulty in all departments of life. You will prove an excellent educator and may also take teaching as full time profession. If you already in this profession, you will make good progress.
Jupiter is lord of first and fourth house for Sagittarius native. As Sagittarius is owned by Jupiter, Jupiter’s transit becomes very important for Sagittarius natives. Jupiter will be passing through their third house this year. You will be wise, determined, focused and able to achieve success due to your hard work and determination. Writers and journalists will have really good time and they will be able to publish books and will become popular. Third house generally enhances potential of any planet and hence Jupiter will give intelligence, good financial position and son etc. You will make short travels. You may be assisted by your siblings and your siblings will prosper in general. This is also a good year for sport persons and the people who are involved with physical work.
Jupiter is lord of twelfth and third house and will be transiting in second house. You will see increase in expenses and find it very difficult to control cash flow. You will act a little slower to take advantage of opportunities, so it is important that you stay alert and open to any possible opportunities. You may able to learn few things that you dreamt for a long time but not able to devote much time. You will be able to set positive goals and able to attains them. You need to be careful of your eating habits and health in general.
Jupiter is lord of second and eleventh house and will be transiting in ascendant for Aquarius native. Jupiter is significator for money and finance and gives abundant money, if well placed in the chart. Second and eleventh houses are also house of money and finance and hence Jupiter is the sole responsible planet for checking financial prospects. Generally transit in first house should give all round gains. You will be protected by divine power and Jupiter will come to rescue you every time you are in problem. You will have a cheerful and easygoing disposition this year and hence your friends and family members will like you. Unmarried people will see their marriage taking place this year and married people will be blessed with worthy son. You will be intelligent and conversant with all forms of knowledge. You will set positive goals and attains them with your hard work and devotion. Overall this year will prove good from all aspect.
For Pisces native, Jupiter is lord of tenth and first house. These two houses are two most important houses in a chart, so Jupiter’s transit becomes very important for Pisces natives. Jupiter will be transiting through house of expenses i.e. twelfth house this year. This is a good position for spiritual progress, but a little detrimental for worldly progress. You also need to be careful about health. You may stay away from the home and gain in foreign lands or with foreign connections. You will visit religious places and live a simple life. If the Jupiter is not well placed in your birth chart, this can be a troublesome position and can give problems both from health and wealth perspective.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2010 Astro Events

May Day: Jyestha 4th Moon Saturday, 1st May 2010
This is celebrated on May 1st and refers to many different public holidays. May Day marks the end of the uncomfortable winter half of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Some celebrate the beginning of the summer season on this day. In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Worker's Day, or Labor Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations.
Jupiter Enters Pisces:Moola 4th Moon Saturday, 1st May 2010
This transit marks a major shift into universal social consciousness and action. Law and order will be under control. A new dimension in education systems will be introduced and supported. External affairs and commerce will be good and gold prices will rise although there is a chance of inflation of money. There will be an increase in population and refugees will receive a helping hand.
Nataraj Abishekam:Sharavana 7th Moon Wednesday, 5th May 2010
This is the day when Shiva creates anew in his form as Nataraj, the Dancing Siva. There are only 4 or 5 days throughout the entire year when this ritual is performed for Nataraj at Chidambaram temple. It is the day that Siva dances and creates new Dharma.
Mother's Day:Uttarabhadra 12th Moon Sunday, 9th May 2010
The modern Mother's Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in May, as a day to honor mothers and motherhood
Pradosham:Revathi 13th Moon Monday, 10th May 2010
These days occur each 13th phase of the Moon for both the waxing and waning moons, in other words approximately 2 days before the new moon and two days before the full moon. These are great days to access the celestial energy to change old tendencies and thoughts. The Pradosham which occurs two days before the new moon is ideal for making changes with regards to spiritual matters and the one that occurs two days before the full moon is best for changes for prosperity and material manifestations.
Mini Sivaratri:Ashwini 13th Moon Tuesday, 11th May 2010
The night of 14th Phase of the Waning Moon is known as Sivaratri. As it comes in every month we recognize it as Mini Sivaratri. Worshiping Lord Shiva during the night of that day will obtain you the blessings of Lord Siva for Enlightenment and Liberation.
Mercury direct in Aries: Bharani 14th Moon Wednesday,12th May 2010
It is predicted that those in communication such as in public relations, and those in the travel industry will fair well. Shares and stocks will also fair well. The possibility of a new invention in wireless technology is great.
New Moon Day: Bharani 15th Moon Wednesday, 12th May 2010
This is the ideal time for introspection and spiritual matters.
Sun Enters Taurus: Rohini 1st Moon Friday, 14th May 2010
Brokers of any sort and those in the film and television world will do well. Import and excise duty taxes will be levied. Inflation
Vishnupati:Rohini 1st Moon Friday, 14th May 2010
This is a spiritually potent time period occurring once in 3 months (when the Sun enters a "fixed" sign) and lasts around 9 hours. It is the period that Vishnu performed many miraculous deeds for the benefit of the universe.
Venus enters Gemini:Rohini 2nd Moon Friday, 14th May 2010
Increase in production and sale of electronic items are likely. Women will achieve in all fields. One is advised to exercise caution as airborne diseases could be on the rise.
Pardosham:Swathi 13th Moon Tuesday, 25th May 2010
Days occur each 13th phase of the Moon for both the waxing and waning moons, in other words approximately 2 days before the New Moon and two days before the Full Moon. These are great days to access the celestial energy to change old tendencies and thoughts. The Pradosham which occurs two days before the New Moon is ideal for making changes with regards to spiritual matters and the one that occurs two days before the Full Moon is best for changes for prosperity and material manifestations.
Lord Muruga Birthday: Visahaka 14th Moon Wednesday, 26th May 2010
The day that the birth of Lord Muruga is celebrated. Lord Muruga's birthstar is Vishaka, so the birthdate always falls on a Vishaka birthstar day.
Mars Enters Leo:Visahaka 14th Moon Wednesday, 26th May 2010
During this transit, the element of fire is predominant. There is the propensity for accidents involving fire and humidity will rise. Iron and steel industries will perform well. New inventions in the medical field will be possible. Be aware that there may be some terrorist activity in western and Asian countries as temperatures rise not only externally but heat may flare internally- an environment with the disposition for combustion.
Full Moon Day:Visahaka 15th Moon Wednesday, 26th May 2010
This is the ideal time for focusing on material concerns, such as home, clothes and money.

Monday, January 4, 2010

January 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse

This is a Dragon’s Head Solar Eclipse which brings power and strength. Now is the time to push through any obstacles. You will see you life expand from the energy pouring in but it may take you a few years to manifest it all.
A Solar eclipse is about planting new seeds, new projects and reaching out for new experiences. Send out your intention of what you want to manifest over the next six months. A Solar Eclipse always occurs during a New Moon and New Moons are important because they bring in new, fresh energy. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day to day functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demand all of our conscious attention and focus. They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

This Solar Eclipse is ruled by Venus and Saturn; we could see some ceremonies regarding the marriage of royalty or state funerals. It could mean the death of a well-known person. Because this eclipse is in the earth sign of Capricorn we may hear of financial problems, recessions, drought, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other earth changes in the news.


Astrology is as old as Vedas themselves. The Vedas which are the sacred Hindu scriptures, embody eternal knowledge. Strict moral and spiritual practices along with the deep study are prerequisities to understand the essence of Vedas. To the uninitiated, the Vedas might appear as nothing more than ritualistic oblations to air, water and thunder etc. Deep truths, however begin to unfold to the true seeker as his search goes on.

In time of yore, sincere seekers of truth and knowledge in India used to spend years and years at the feet of their 'gurus', learning the meaning hidden in Vedas. In order to decipher what lies concealed in Vedas, a study of certain subjects is considered a prerequisite. These subjects are called the 'Vedangas' or the body organs of the Vedas. There are six such vedangas. They are :
(A) Shiksha : Which deals with the understanding of the Vedic 'Varanas', 'Swaras' and Mantras, and thus with the technique of correct pronunciation.
(B) Chhanda : Dealing with the appropriate lyrical utterance of the Vedic 'Suktas'.
(C) Vyakarana : Expouding the grammatical aspects of the language.
(D) Nirukta : Which explains the difficult words, 'padas' and 'mantras'.
(E) Kalpa : Dealing with the understanding of Sutras and the use of Mantras, hence concerned with the ritualistic aspects of the Vedas.
(F) Jyotisha or Astrology : Of the body called the Vedas, astrology represents the 'eyes' with its capacity to see the past, the present and the future. Astrology is considered as the most important of the Vedangas.

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