Saturday, December 4, 2010

What is Karma?

Why do some people have a successful career, loads of money, a seemingly great romantic life and radiant health and vitality while many others suffer for the want of one or many of these?
This is due to karma.
Karma rules all aspects of human life like health, wealth, education etc...
Everyone has a choice to live his/her old karma or create a new one. Because they do not know the technology to change their old karma, they simply live their old karma until they die.
Karma is not just a metaphysical philosophy; it is real. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible space-time complex of your soul. Then it manifests in life after an appropriate lapse of time. It is extremely important to remain positive and only nurture positive thoughts. There is a danger of the negative thoughts catching up to us and inflicting us in this life or in a life to come. It is the thought process that creates karma. It is the planets that influence thought.
A person must fulfill the responsibilities of personal karma with limitations before moving into a more advanced level of consciousness, or an unlimited, higher reality.
Karmic debt does not permit us to go beyond our limited consciousness. However Saturn’s lessons give opportunity. It is by understanding and working with Saturn that we can find balance with past karma and can go forward consciously to a more refined way of self-expression as an individual and collectively.
As we progress through life, we often find that it is through restrictions and the pain which comes from thwarted desires or aspirations, that we develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Life. No pain no gain.
Technology to Remove Old Karma
Pradosham timings provide the ideal opportunities to dissolve karmas. Since we accrue karmas every day, karma removal is an ongoing process; quite like cleaning your house or brushing your teeth.
Pradosham Each Day
You can observe this daily by chanting the mantra "Thiru Neela Kantam" inwardly or outwardly at any time during the dusk period. 108 times is considered the minimum or you can do 1,008 or 10,008.
Perform daily abishekam during this time by pouring milk or water over a Shiva Lingam while chanting the mantra.

"Thiru Neela Kantam"- the Karma Busting Mantra

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