Friday, November 26, 2010


December 5th, Jupiter transits into Pisces until May 8th, 2011.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, next to the sun which is 10 times bigger. It is a very slow moving and is basically a planet of expansion so all its movements are of great consequence as they bring great changes into our lives. Jupiter makes a complete round of the zodiac signs about every 12 years.
Therefore, this specific astrological configuration will not be experienced again for 12 years and whatever measures you make during this specific transit will greatly impact the next 12 years of your life.
Pisces and Sagittarius are the two Moon Signs ruled by Jupiter and during this transit Jupiter is going to enter Pisces. Whenever a planet transits into its own sign, it emits extravagant energies.

Jupiter is also known as the Guru or teacher planet. You can glean the knowledge that He has to impart if you pay attention to the teachings and understand what happens in His transits.
Jupiter in Pisces is charitable, sympathetic and hospitable and is always keen to help those in need. This position is highly sensitive and artistic, but is also secretive and subject to the influences and attachments to the world of desire.
Spiritual seeking and spiritual practices can produce great benefits, but Jupiter in Pisces is also often fond of mind-altering substances, like alcohol, which can lead to dependency, addiction and obsessive behaviour. During this period one can be susceptible to wild or erratic emotions that are a poison that could easily lead to self sabotage.
Jupiter will expand the mind and spiritual awareness but it will also expand expenditures, traumas and dramas, so, Pay Attention to the Guru and you will learn.
Jupiter is the only planet that is empowered to nullify any affliction that is caused by the other planets around. It is said that - 'If Jupiter blesses a person, it would nullify millions of negative influences'. Simply put, Jupiter is the channel of maximum divine help and this is especially true during its transit.

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