Friday, December 5, 2014

Jupiter Retrograde December 8, 2014 – April 8, 2015

Planets when retrograde gain strength to act. This implies that while Jupiter is retrograde, we may have to struggle more to gain the fruits indicated by Jupiter. We all expect exalted Jupiter to shower us with abundance, knowledge and spiritual fulfillment. With the retrograde status in effect, we cannot expect this shower without doing some work of our own in these arenas.
Jupiter is currently transiting the nakshatra Ashlesha, which is ruled by Mercury and its deity is Sarpa, the lord of the serpents. This is quite a transformational nakshatra and the last part of it, where Jupiter is currently located is considered to be a "gandanta" region. There are three gandanta points in the zodiac, at the junctures between water and fire signs. Planets traversing these regions are assisting us in getting through difficult situations or "karmic knots."
Jupiter entered gandanta on November 3, in forward motion, and then reverses movement on December 8. In reverse motion, Jupiter exits the gandata on January 12, 2015. We may look back one day at this two month period and realize that an extreme move had been made during this time. We may be required to go through some deep karma during this time, but in the long run, it supports our spiritual progression immensely. An interesting note on the karmic challenge offered by Jupiter in Ashlesha gandanta is that the navamsa (ninth harmonic) position of this placement puts Jupiter into the sign of Pisces, showing spiritual completion and regeneration.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Planet Mars in Astrology

If Sun is the ruling planet for fathers, and the Moon is for mothers; a dry, masculine, fiery, red planet 'Mars' is ruling planet (Karka) for brothers in Astrology. Planet Mars gives both beneficial and adverse impact by seeing its affiliations with other planets. 
'Planet Mars' or 'Mangal Grah' is of the important planets of the solar system comprised with temperate and frosty zones. 
Mars is lord 'Muruga' or 'Murugan' among Tamil Hindus. Bengal people accredit this lord with other name 'Kartikey'- son of Goddess Gouri and God Shiva, and brother of God Ganesha. In all over India, especially in south part of this county, people enunciate this lord with other names- 'Subramanya', 'Kumarswamy', 'Velayudham', or 'Vadievel'. Planet Mars is 'Mangal Grah' for Hindu People. 

Planet Mars rules the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. Astrologists say, Mars signify energy, both constructive and destructive, depending upon its position, aspects and location in the horoscope. People born with Mars as ruling planet possess some amazing characteristics. They are ambitions and independent, adventures, and unique in their nature. Beneficial Mars in horoscope always offers fine qualities like endurance, self-confidence, strength, courage, great organizing ability, independent spirit, and strong determination power. 

If Mars is afflicted and weak in horoscope, it can show some negative impact for the native. Due to its affliction, native will be aggressive, short-tempered, harsh, violent and fond of drink. They don't like doing small things, and big achievements are always their targets. It is believed that many leaders, pioneers, worriers, and explorers are the infant of Mars. People born with Mars as ruling planet also possess special physical features.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Planet Moon in Astrology

Moon is second planet in astrology after sun and a benefic, feminine planet. In solar system, it is nearest planet and natural satellite of earth. Moon is also an asymmetrical, humid and cold planet. Zodiac sign Cancer is governed by planet Moon. 

Moon in 1st House: The Moon in the Ascendant identical with Cancer, Taurus, or Aries indicates, that the native will be liberal, beautiful, rich and enjoying pleasures greatly. The Moon in the Ascendant identical with other Signs indicates, that the native will be intensely passionate, base, deaf, distressed, dumb and will decline (in prosperity).
Moon in 2nd House: Should the Moon be in 2nd, the native will enjoy incomparable happiness and friends and be wealthy. If the said Moon be Full, the native will be very affluent and will speak less.
Moon in 3rd House: Should the Moon be in 3rd, the native will protect his co-born, be always delighted, valorous and will be endowed with learning, robes and food.
Moon in 4th House: If the Moon be in 4th, the native will be endowed with relatives, paraphernalia and conveyances, be charitable, fond of travelling by water and will neither be very happy nor be miserable.
Moon in 5th House: Should the Moon be in 5th, the native will be timid in disposition, will earn learning, clothes and food, will have many sons and friends, be a scholar and be passionate.
Moon in 6th House: If the Moon be in 6th, the native will suffer stomachial diseases. If it be the weak Moon, he will be short-lived.
Moon in 7th House: If the Moon is in 7th, the native will be amiable, happy, will possess a good physique and be sensuously disposed. If the weak Moon is in 7th, the native will be pitiable and weak.
Moon in 8th House: If the Moon is in 8th, the native will be very intelligent, very splendourous and will suffer from diseases. If the Moon be weak, he will be short-lived.
Moon in 9th House: If the Moon is in 9th, the native will be devoted to divine and paternal assignments, will be endowed with happiness, wealth, intelligence and sons and will attract the fair sex.
Moon in 10th House: If the Moon occupies the 10th, the native will not suffer grief, be dutiful, successful in his undertakings, affluent, pure, very strong, valorous and charitable.
Moon in 11th House: Should the Moon occupy the 11th, the native will be wealthy, will have many sons, be long-lived, will have attendants to serve, be intelligent, sharp, valorous and splendourous.
Moon in 12th House: If the Moon occupies the 12th, the native will be odious, fallen in moral sense, mean, will suffer eye diseases, be indolent, distressed (deformed), is born of other`s loins and will be insulted at all times.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Planet Sun in Astrology

Sun in 1st House: The Sun in the Ascendant denotes, that the native will have less hair (on the head), be lazy in function, given to anger, will have prominent personality, be honourable, will have weak sight and coarse physique, be courageous, impatient and unkind. If the Ascendant is Cancer and is occupied by the Sun, the native will have swollen eyes, if it be Aries with Sun therein, his sight will be weak and in Leo the Sun makes him night-blind. One suffers poverty and loss of children, if the Sun occupies Libra.
Sun in 2nd House: If the Sun is in the 2nd Bhava, the native will be endowed with servants and quadrupeds, will suffer facial diseases, will be deprived of happiness and wealth and will lose money through royal displeasure, or through thieves.
Sun in 3rd House: Should the Sun be in 3rd, the native will be valorous, strong, will lose co-born, be dear to people, good-looking, very learned and will conquer his enemies.
Sun in 4th House: Should the Sun be in 4th, the native will be devoid of conveyances and relatives, will suffer heart diseases, will destroy paternal house and wealth and will serve a bad king.
Sun in 5th House: If the Sun occupies the 5th, the native will be bereft of happiness, sons and wealth, will live by husbandry, will move in hills and fortresses, be fickle-minded, scholarly, devoid of strength and be short-lived.
Sun in 6th House: If the Sun is in 6th, the native will be very libidinous, will have powerful digestive fire (capable of digesting fast), be strong, affluent, famous for virtues and be either a king, or an Army chief.
Sun in 7th House: If the Sun is posited in 7th, the native will be poor, insulted, will suffer bodily diseases, royal displeasure's and imprisonment, will take to bad ways and will not be well-disposed to his wife.
Sun in 8th House: If the Sun occupies the 8th, the native will have deformed eyes, be devoid of wealth and happiness, be short-lived and will suffer separation from his relatives.
Sun in 9th House: If the Sun occupies the 9th, the native will be endowed with wealth, children and friends, will be very interested in worshiping Gods and Brahmins, will not be well-disposed towards his father and wife and be not calm.
Sun in 10th House: Should the Sun be in 10th, the native will be extremely intelligent, rich, strong and will be endowed with conveyances, relatives and sons, will succeed in his undertakings, be valorous, unconquerable and great.
Sun in 11th House: Should the Sun be in 11th, one will be interested in gathering money, be strong, will hate others, be devoid of servants, be himself a servant, be devoid of affection, be modest and will be successful in undertakings.
Sun in 12th House: If the Sun is in 12th at birth, he will have a deformed physique, be one-eyed, fallen (morally), will marry a barren lady, be inimical to his father, weak and mean.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Dates in 2014

Pitru Paksha is a 15 lunar day’s period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors, 
especially through food offerings.
Shraddh is the ritual carried out to gratify one's ancestors. It is stated in the texts that a person who 
does not execute the Shraadh of his departed paternal and maternal near and dear ones has to bear 
much in life and even after. In the ancient Indian religious text Garud Puraan and other Puraans it is 
clearly stated that by offering this pooja to the forefathers and departed dear ones, their souls feel 
gratified and they bless the person with wealth, children, knowledge, joys, and pleasures, 
with long and healthy life.

According to South Indian Amavasyant calendar it falls in the lunar month of Bhadrapada beginning 
with the full moon day or day after full moon day.
According to North Indian Purnimant calendar this period falls in the lunar month of Ashwin beginning 

with the full moon day in Bhadrapada or next day of full moon day.

08September(Monday)Purnima Shraddha
09September(Tuesday)Pratipada Shraddha
10September(Wednesday)Dwitiya Shraddha
11September(Thursday)Tritiya Shraddha
12September(Friday)Chaturthi Shraddha
13September(Saturday)Maha Bharani ,
Panchami Shraddha
14September(Sunday)Shashthi Shraddha
15September(Monday)Saptami Shraddha
16September(Tuesday)Ashtami Shraddha
17September(Wednesday)Navami Shraddha
18September(Thursday)Dashami Shraddha
19September(Friday)Ekadashi Shraddha
20September(Saturday)Dwadashi Shraddha
21September(Sunday)Magha Shraddha ,
Trayodashi Shraddha
22September(Monday)Chaturdashi Shraddha
23September(Tuesday)Sarva Pitru Amavasya

The last day of Pitru Paksha is known as Sarvapitri Amavasya or Mahalaya amavasya
Mahalaya amavasya is the most significant day of Pitru Paksha.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Puranmashi 2014 / Pooranmashi 2014 Dates

Every hindu lunar month consists of one puranmashi or full moon day. Full moon day is also known as Pournami, purnima and Pooranmashi. 
Many festivals like Rakhi, Buddha Purnima and Kartik Purnima observed on this day.

Puranmashi dates for the year 2014. 
This may vary by a day according to your location.

16th January 2014 - Thursday -  Paush Puranmashi
15th February 2014 - Saturday -  Magha Puranmashi
16th March 2014 - Sunday -  Phalguna Puranmashi
15th April 2014 - Tuesday -  Chaitra Puranmashi
14th May 2014 - Wednesday -  Vaishakha Puranmashi
13th June 2014 - Friday -  Jyaishta Puranmashi
12th July 2014 - Saturday -  Ashadha Puranmashi
10th August 2014 - Sunday -  Shravana Puranmashi
09th September 2014 - Tuesday -  Bhadrapada Puranmashi
08th October 2014 - Wednesday -  Ashwin Puranmashi
07th November 2014 - Friday -  Kartik Puranmashi
06th December 2014 - Saturday -  Margashirsha Puranmashi

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When is Ganesh Chaturthi in 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi vrat is observed on Krishna paksh chaturthi on every month. But Ganesh Chaturthi of shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad is considered to be the significant day and comes once in the year. It is strongly believed that shukla paksh of bhadrapad month is admired as birth of Lord Ganesha. This is the day when Lord Shiva announced lord Ganesha superior of Gods. But, Devotees are strictly forbidden to look at moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. It means it is really inauspicious to look at moon on Ganesh Chaturthi of shukla paksh in the month of Bhadrapada.
The grand auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in 2014 is on August 29. Ganesh Chaturthi is completely dedicated to Lord Ganesha - Lord of beginnings and wisdom, which falls on chaturthi of Shukla Paksh in the month of Bhadrapad (August-September). Lord Ganesha is also admired as creator and remover of obstacles. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees observe fast and grandly worship Lord Ganesha. Like every year Ganesh Chaturthi in 2014 will also be celebrated on fourth day of waxing moon period in the Hindu month of Bhadrapad.
Mantra for success on Ganesh Chaturthi...

Vakrtund Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha |
Nirbhignam Kurumedaya Sarva Karyashu Sarvada |

Lord Ganesha is son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Thus, worshiping lord Ganesh also help devotees to obtain blessings of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. With loud echo of drum or barrels, and with harmonious songs or bhajans, Lord Ganesha is praised on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. With depth of heart people happily invite Lord Ganesha in their homes. Therefore, new statues of Lord Ganesha is brought and established in shrine place of home on the propitious day of Ganesh chaturthi. That statue is treated as 'Atithi' (Special guest) for ten or eleven days in home. Therefore, people heartily bestow proper homage to Lord Ganesha till his presence in home.On 11th day (Anant Chaturdarshi), the statue of Lord Ganesha is taken through the streets accompanied with beautiful dancing and melodious singing.
Mesmerizing new statues of Ganesha is brought and established in home. For establishing statue of Ganesha, decorate shrine place of home and establish first the wooden platform in north-east direction in home. Wrap the wooden platform with red piece of cloth. Put raw rice, wheat and flower in this wooden platform and establish statue of Lord Ganesha. Offer new cloth, mukut, kumkum, modak, pan, supari, janeu, roli, dubi ghas, blessed food, and fruits to Lord Gansha.

Ganesh Utsav is majestically celebrated from Ganesh chatruthi to Anant chaturdarshi. Every year on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi devotees install or establish new statues of Ganesha in shrine places of home or temporary structure mandaps (pandals).

Ganesh visarjan is performed on the 11th day from Ganesh chaturthi, and this day is known as Anant Chaturdarshi. 
People temporarily establish statues of Ganesha at home with the belief that God Ganesh will certainly bring immense happiness in home. With this belief they admire Ganesha as a special guest who came in home and thus they offer pleasant homage, innumerable offerings and serve him varieties of food. Modak or laddoo is very dear to Lord Ganesha. 
Considering Lord Ganesha is very fortunate, devotees heartily invite this deity at home. They offer homage with very pleasing manner till 10 days, and on 11th day the statue of Ganesha is taken through the streets for the purpose of immersion of statue of Gansha in water. With depth of heart, and with loud echo, devotees shout 'Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudachya Varshi Laukar ya'. It means 'O Lord Ganesha, come again early next year'.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jupiter transit to zodiac sign Cancer on June 19th 2014

The most beneficial planet Jupiter will transit to zodiac sign Cancer (its sign of exaltation) on June 19, 2014 at 10:36:37 a.m. (in Delhi).
It debilitates in Capricorn.
Every planet debilitates in the seventh sign counted from its sign of exaltation and vice versa.
Jupiter takes around 365 days to complete its transit in a zodiac sign.

Jupiter controls lawyers, teachers, priests, rebirth, north direction, philosophy, spiritual gurus, new ideas, new constructions, and gods.
In the body parts, it has control over liver, fat, thighs, and toes.
In nature, it controls calmness, peace, and serenity.
In business, it controls temples, trusts, schools, courts, foreign agencies, contracts, jail, navy, and hospitals. In manufacturing, it has control over oily foods, fatty foods, buttery items, cheese, sweets, rubber, and gold. In places, it has control over schools, colleges, courts, temples, big halls, churches, mosques, worship place in our homes, pictures of saints, and gods.
It also has control over elephants, horses, oxen, peacocks, religious trees, cashew nuts, groundnuts, almonds, etc. in nutshell.
For a successful marriage, its position should always be good in the horoscope, it is my own experience. A bad Jupiter will never give a good marital life.
In June 2014, Jupiter will transit over Sun, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, and Venus of natal Indian horoscope. It will aspect on 11th house of gains, 9th house of luck, and 7th house of partners.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Information about Rahu and Ketu

The Sun is a star and Moon is a satellite, but in astrology they are considered as planets because they affect us. Rahu and Ketu have no physical body, but they are considered as planets.
As Rahu and Ketu hold the influence, these are considered Graha. The same is true for Sun and Moon.
Rahu and Ketu are like a black hole in the space, they observe everything that is close to them, they give result as per their placement of houses, signs, planet conjunctions, planetary aspects, Nakshatra (constellation), etc. Due to this nature, we can say that Rahu and Ketu are the most powerful planets in Kaliyuga. They take energy from the other sources and become more powerful like a black hole. 
Every planet, satellite, stars is rotating and revolving like Moon to Earth, Earth to Sun and so on. The revolving path of Sun, is called Ecliptic. Rahu is basically the point of intersection between the revolving Moon and South to North course. It is also known as ‘ascending node’ or ‘the North’. The point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic while travelling from North to South is known as Ketu, the South or ‘descending node’. So, these two intersection points are Rahu and Ketu. These two lunar nodes have clubs of magnetic and gravitational forces. That’s why they rule electricity, magnetic areas, hidden things, hidden disease in human life.

Rahu and Ketu comes into the picture during the churning of the ocean in the Hindu mythology. There is a tale of terrible battle between Gods and demons, both started fighting with each other for Amrit (immortality potion). Gods prayed Lord Vishnu to solve this problem. Lord Vishnu changed his appearance as a beautiful woman “Mohini”. The demons were impressed by this beautiful lady “Mohini”. Mohini (Vishnu) asked deities as well as demons to stand in a queue. One of the demons named “Swarbhanu” understood the secret of Vishnu and he changed his look as a deity and stood in the line of the deities. Swarbhanu also took the Amrit with other deities. The two deities Sun and Moon recognized him that he was a demon. Sun and Moon informed Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu killed Swarbhanu by Sudarshan Chakra in two parts. But till that time Swarbhanu had taken Amrita, so he became immortal. The head of Swarbhanu is called Rahu and rest of the body is called Ketu. Even today, the demon “Swarbhanu” (Rahu and Ketu) takes his revenge from Sun and Moon by overlapping them as a shadow. We know this event as eclipse.

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is powerful in Aquarius and Ketu in Scorpio. Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Ketu is exalted in Scorpio and debilitated in Taurus – such placement of Rahu and Ketu is very powerful.
Rahu and Ketu amplify the good energies of benefic planets.
Rahu and Ketu bring good results when placed in third, sixth and eleventh houses.
Rahu and Ketu are such Karmic forces that it can restrict a person from enjoying any good effects of the planets. Suppose, Ketu is placed in Virgo and Rahu is placed in Capricorn, and all other planets are placed in the houses between Rahu and Ketu, it creates Kal Sarpa Yoga. This is when a person’s fate is said to be locked in the bad energies of past Karma.
An afflicted Rahu can make you indulge in excesses of life that leads to self- destruction and a bad Ketu can bring obstacles that will hamper your progress towards your goal.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Akshaya Tritiya in 2014

Akshaya Tritiya in 2014 will be celebrated on 2nd of May. Many people also know this auspicious day as Akha Teej.
Every year, this great day falls on the third day of the bright half of Hindu month Vaishakha.

'Akshaya’ is a Sanskrit term, which means ‘never diminishing’; and ‘Tritiya’ means ‘the third day’. It is believed that any spiritual activity (including meditation, chanting, donation and different forms of worship) performed on this day stays with the person forever.
Akshay Tritiya brings luck and success to the life of the believer. In order to make the inflow of wealth continuous, people also buy gold and precious jewelry.

The auspicious day of AkshayaTritiya is governed by the Lord Vishnu.  People born on the day of Akshay Tritiya shine like stars in the world.

On this auspicious day 

  • Perform meritorious deeds (Punya Karma), like:
  • Snana (ritual bath)
  • Dana (donation)
  • Japa (chanting)
  • Tapa (penance)
  • New relationships can be made on this auspicious day.
  • You may make commitments on this day.
  • Akshay Tritiya is considered very auspicious for spiritual activities.

What one should not to do on Akshaya Tritiya?

  • Don’t perform Upnayana (wearing sacred thread or something like that).
  • Don’t perform Udhyapan (ending of fasts)
  • House construction should not be initiated and if running already then should be avoided on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.
  • Don’t make the first entry to the house on this day.
  • Avoid travelling on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.
  • Planting a new tree is also prohibited.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Analysis of 11th House in Astrology

The eleventh house is associated with gain, i.e. gain of objectives and articles. At the same time it is associated with punishment.
11th house Stands for Gains (of money, knowledge), elder brother or sister, wealth, elevation of husband, longevity of mother, gain from father- in-law, friends , hopes , wishes, aspirations, success in undertakings, elections, litigation, speculation, discharge from hospital, ears, trade, society, community, recovery from illness, freedom from misery, ambitions, wishes, desires & their fulfillment, marriage, disease.

11th house is known as a badhaka for chara rashi (cardinal signs). The natural sign of badhaka is Aquarius being the natural eleventh sign in the zodiac, and its lord Saturn, tempts us, and punishes us. These badhaka signs and their lords cause obstacles in our life, which are seemingly impossible to rectify for the native. This is especially so if the planets are badly placed. If the planets are well placed and associated with the badhaka sign or lord, then the planets will instead work towards the removal of obstacles, and all the doors of opportunities will be opened to the native, although there will be some obstacles at first, though. As the badhaka acts like Rahu the good results could be reaped through travel, foreigners or foreign destinations. 

A Promising 11th House in Birth Chart will confirm- Success in any endeavor, Support of friends, Financial gains, Smooth life, Unexpected gains

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chaitra Navratri March - April 2014

The festival of Navratri is dedicated to the workship of Shakti.
The literal meaning of Navaratri is nine nights, where nava stands for nine and ratri stands for nights.

Navratri Dates - In 2014, Navratri will start from March 31, 2014 to April 8, 2014

Navratri  Day 1 -      2014 March 31    Ghatsthapana
Dwitiya -      2014         April 1    Sindhara Dooj
Tritiya -      2014         April 2    Gaur Teej, Saubhagya Teej
Chaturthi -      2014         April 3    Varadvinayak
Panchami Vrat 2014        April 4    Sri Laxmi Panchami Vrat, Naag Vrat Pujan
Shashthi         2014 April 5 Skand Shashthi, Yamuna Jayanti
Mahasaptami 2014 April 6 Mahasaptami Vrat, Chaiti Chath, Vijaya Saptami
Mahaashtami 2014 April 7 Sri Durga Mahaashtami, Annapurna Ashtami
Navratri Day 9 - 2014 April 8 Ram Navratri /Chaitra Navratri ends

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saturn's Retro in Libra on Mar 2nd 2014

Saturn becomes Retrograde On - March 02, 2014 (Sunday) at 22:11
Saturn becomes Progressive On - July 21, 2014 (Monday) at 02:10
Total Retrograde days = 141 Days.
Before Saturn becomes retrograde it enters into retrograde zone and starts slowing down. Before it becomes stationary and starts moving into backward direction, it keeps moving into forward direction with retarded speed. Saturn remains into stationary motion for some moments before it starts moving backward. 
The same is true while Saturn becomes progressive i.e. when it starts moving into forward direction. Before Saturn becomes progressive it remains into retrograde zone and starts moving into forward direction till it gains full speed. The time when Saturn just starts moving into forward direction.
During the period when Saturn is transiting retrograde, it is essential that we go back and assess and solidify commitments made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past.  
Only deal with issues from the past; do not take on new ones!
It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde!! 
Starting a business with Saturn Retrograde indicates that the business will need some restructuring and reorganizing. If you are willing to do this, then it will be fine.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Masi Magha - Saturday, 15th of February 2014

Masi Magha is a festival observed by the Hindus in the month of Magha, also called Masi in Tamil, corresponds to the months of February-March. This happens when the Moon(Full Moon) aligns with the Magha star during the month of Masi.
The deity presiding over the Magha asterism is said to be Brihaspati (Jupiter), considered by the people to be the preceptor of the gods also. 
Masi Magha drives our way towards the path for prosperity and ensures to enhance a trouble-free, successful, and a wealthy life of honor!  It is also believed to be a great occasion to get rid of the negative effects of karma in you.
This is the time to move towards positivity and set life long positive targets for a healthy and wealthy and respectful life by removing all negative atmosphere around yourself
Masi Magha unlocks areas of new opportunities, that helps in leading a peaceful and joyful life.
We have inner support in abundance on this day, Masi Magha, the Full Moon of Magha, the births star residing in Leo, the Lion King!
Hence offering worship to him on this festive occasion is believed to confer on people all the desired boons, if it is done in the right way and in the right spirit.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Year of the Wood Horse - 2014 Chinese Horoscope

In Wood years, teamwork brings out the best in everyone. You'll find it easier to craft common sense solutions and have fun in the process. Families working together can attract exciting opportunities in the first half of the year. Later there will be more time to follow your heart.
Love is in the air! A Horse year is especially lucky for taking a romantic relationship to the next level. Marriages made this year hold the promise of exceptional happiness and stability. 

Those born in Tiger, Horse, or Dogs years will enjoy a boost of cheerfulness that makes you quite popular. You'll have more fun with friends old and new. Positive feedback enhances self-confidence. Share your thoughts. Social networking will allow you to spread your influence. 

Those born in Rat, Dragon, and Monkey years have permission to work less and play more. You'll be willing to take more risks to get what you want. Your intuition is strong and creative juices are flowing! Even though you like to take the lead, it will be easier to be a team player. 

Those born in Ox, Snake, and Rooster years will use patience and determination to support a foundation for success. What you sense about people and environments will be quite accurate. People are drawn to you. It's an ideal year for research and developing your skills in any area of interest. 

Those born in Rabbit, Goat, or Pig years will be well respected for their kindness. You'll play a quiet but vital role in any group or family activity. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace life to the fullest. Anything that brings you joy is where to focus more time and attention.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Moon in Aquarius at 21:38 on the 30th January 2014

The New Moon in Aquarius plants the seeds of new possibilities. As a sign, Aquarius energy is geared towards the future. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius thinks outside of the box and has no fear of trying something new or going against the grain. When the New Moon in is Aquarius, it’s a time to start thinking about the future you would like to build. 
Thursday morning the Moon in Aquarius applies into conjunction with the Sun. The exact conjunction is the new moon. Particularly in Aquarius, this a hopeful, fresh energy. It’s not a time to rush but to take things as they come, organically, and ready yourself to renew.
It’s perfect for seeking out new connections to help you towards your goals. Whilst independent action also comes under the jurisdiction of this sign, Aquarius knows that everything is connected. You are part of society and the wider world.

Often called a Blue Moon, this gives us a second chance to write out our new resolutions, or rewrite some of our older affirmations that haven’t come to fruition yet. Those whose birthdays are near this New Moon will be starting a new lunar cycle whose energy will last for a few months.

This is New Moon of opportunity. In order to take advantage of this, it may be necessary to get out of your own way – adjustments are needed. There may be a tendency to over plan or simply to take a shot in the dark riding on an optimistic high.Make a plan and have faith that it will work.

Find what works. Negotiate a better future.
The New Moon in Aquarius on the 30th — the evening hours of the 30th, and the daytime hours on the 31st will be the best times to write out your affirmations and wishes. Be creative in your thinking, dig into your deepest recesses to “feel” just what it is you truly want and/or need at this time. Believe in the power of your innate being to be able to use the Universal energies to help you achieve your best self, and find your most steadfast pathway in this lifetime here on Earth. 

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