Thursday, April 24, 2014

Analysis of 11th House in Astrology

The eleventh house is associated with gain, i.e. gain of objectives and articles. At the same time it is associated with punishment.
11th house Stands for Gains (of money, knowledge), elder brother or sister, wealth, elevation of husband, longevity of mother, gain from father- in-law, friends , hopes , wishes, aspirations, success in undertakings, elections, litigation, speculation, discharge from hospital, ears, trade, society, community, recovery from illness, freedom from misery, ambitions, wishes, desires & their fulfillment, marriage, disease.

11th house is known as a badhaka for chara rashi (cardinal signs). The natural sign of badhaka is Aquarius being the natural eleventh sign in the zodiac, and its lord Saturn, tempts us, and punishes us. These badhaka signs and their lords cause obstacles in our life, which are seemingly impossible to rectify for the native. This is especially so if the planets are badly placed. If the planets are well placed and associated with the badhaka sign or lord, then the planets will instead work towards the removal of obstacles, and all the doors of opportunities will be opened to the native, although there will be some obstacles at first, though. As the badhaka acts like Rahu the good results could be reaped through travel, foreigners or foreign destinations. 

A Promising 11th House in Birth Chart will confirm- Success in any endeavor, Support of friends, Financial gains, Smooth life, Unexpected gains

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