Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Importance of the Moon

The Moon is seen as THE SOUL, the link between the Spirit of the Sun and Matter (The Earth). It absorbs the light and heat from the Sun and gives it creative form. It governs the subconscious, the emotions and the behavioural instincts, it reflects the power of the inner life and indicates how you deal with and portray yourself to others.
The Moon represents instinct and habit, feeling, memory and imagination. It is the PERSONALITY through which the INDIVIDUALITY of the Sun expresses itself. Its symbol, the crescent of reception, represents the Moon as a lens focussing the rays of the sun. This is the planet of the home, domestic life, the family - especially babies and children, the "Mother" and other females in your life.
How the Moon will manifest its energy, the nature of the Soul and its spiritual development, depends on the horoscope as a whole. The Sign (and its Element), the House in which if falls, and the Aspects to the other planets will all have a bearing on any interpretation.
The Moon represents our emotions and the need for security. It represents our early environment and particularly the way we experienced the mother. It shows our ability to be sensitive to the environment and to both give and receive emotion.
The Moon is related to instincts, and is profoundly connected to the personal unconscious, and all the habitual behaviour that is looked after by this mysterious part of ourselves. The Moon shows how we instinctively react to protect ourselves and others.
The Moon goes through all 12 Signs in a month. The Moon sign's influence is at least as powerful as the Sun.
The House the Moon is in shows the particular area in our life which we allocate to increasing our feelings of security. However it is also this area where we experience the greatest growth and show the greatest concern for others.
The Moon Key Facts
Rules: Cancer
Detriment: Capricorn
Exhalt: Taurus
Colours: Silvery Grey, white
Stones & Metals: Opal, moonstone, pearl, crystal and silver
Keywords: Fertility, feminine, mother, the soul

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