Saturday, November 21, 2009

The good and bad of Rahu's transit in Sagittarius

The planet 'Rahu' has always been misunderstood by people who know very little about the basics of astrology. At times, Rahu delivers very good effects but there are times when the effects of a Rahu transit can be devastating. The effects depend on various other factors as well. Here we shall see how Rahu transit in Sagittarius will affect the Sagittarius, the society, and India.

A few facts about Rahu:
Rahu is a shadowy planet and it always moves in a retrograde manner. It revolves around the Sun at a rate of 3 degree, 10 minutes and 48 seconds a day.
Rahu completes it's transit in a Rashi in 1 year 6 month and 18 days. Thus, it completes transiting through the 12 Rashis or 27 constellations in 18 years 7 months and 18 days.
The transition of Rahu in a Nakshatra or birth star takes 8 month and 19 days and it completes one phase of a Nakshatra in 2 months and 3 days.
Debilitated Rahu has transited into Sagittarius at 12:09 pm on 17th November, 2009. It will stay in the same Rashi till 5th June, 2011. Rahu's transit into Sagittarius is also known as 'Sagittarius in Nawmansh'.

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