Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Saturn is up to this September?

Saturn moves into Virgo on September 9th 2009 (for the world) and September 26th (for India) and will stay there till November 15th, 2011. Both are powerful days for Lord Saturn and will bring significant impact on the functioning of the world.
Saturn is the most feared of all planets. During his transit he puts those who come under his influence through trials and tribulations. Even people who had been successful all along suffer significantly during their Saturn period.
Saturn is not meant to inflict purposeless painful experiences. It teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble, by putting through difficult trials. Its in our darkest moments, that we either become more grateful or considerably depressed for what has happened to us.
Saturn is like a surgeon who surgically removes the tumors of our souls. No doubt surgery is painful, but it is also necessary to remove the hardships that are blocking our true fulfillment.
In India Lord Hanuman is considered to be a guardian angel. He is a true epitome of devotion and dedication. Lord Hanuman or Anjaneya is the eleventh Rudra and is a divine incarnation of  Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of strength and resolve. He is ever present in this earth plane and is often referred to as 'Chiranjeevi' or 'the immortal one'.
Lord Hanuman wields considerable influence over the planet Saturn, dreaded by everyone. Symbolically Hanuman has such power that he holds Saturn with his tail. Those who are in the Saturn Seven and half year period called as Sade Sati will find immense relief praying to Lord Hanuman on the Saturn transit day.
There are 3 vitally important action steps you need to do when a planet as powerful as Saturn transits one constellation to another.
First, understand how the transit will impact you.
Second, you should ensure you have the proper energetic empowerment to handle the changing energy of Saturn.
Finally, you can receive the intervention and blessings of the most powerful guardian, Lord Hanuman.

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