Monday, April 23, 2012

Recovery of Wealth on Akshaya Tritiyai April 24h 2012

April 24th of this year is an astrologically significant and important festival for wealth called Akshaya Tritiyai. It is the 3rd moon in the house of Aries.
Akshaya means "not decreasing". This is a time when you nurture and cultivate the concept of non-declining or non-decreasing wealth.
On this day, if you are able to actively engage in this moment and capture it in your own body mind and soul, it will be very useful to help you gather wealth and keep wealth. Taking the right action at the right time gives you maximum positive results.
The planetary combination on April 24th forms a wheel, which translates to “what was lost will come back to you".
Think of what was lost, 1) loans given and never returned, 2) poor investments, 3) wastage, 4) Money cheated from you, etc. Make sure you get the money back that you are due – the banker in heaven, Kubera has excellent records.
Lakshmi will be giving you the blessings of never decreasing wealth.
Blessings from our ancestors are very important for the protection and success in all activities. Provide your deceased family members with continuous happiness and well-being in the afterlife. Show your respect towards them and reinforce the unity of your family and lineage.

Akshaya means never diminishing. Many things happened  on this day: Draupadi was given Akshaya Patra (bowl) by Krishna which supplied unlimited food; Kubera, treasurer of gods, prayed to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, to fill his treasury; Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, was born; Satya yuga ended and Treta yuga began; the Ganga descended from Heaven; Ved Vyasa and Ganesha began writing the epic Mahabharata; and Sudama, the poor friend of Krishna, came to Dwarka to ask for help. In return for a handful of beaten rice, Krishna gave immense wealth to Sudama. Gates of the Badrinarayana temple open on this day. Construction of chariots for the Jagannath rath yatra at Puri commences.  Jains observe fast and break it with sugarcane juice as king-turned-monk Rishabhdeva was offered sugarcane juice after an year-long fast. So the belief is that worshipping Lakshmi-Kubera, buying gold and silver ornaments, investing money in shares and real estate, buying household things, ploughing land, writing new account books – will all bring prosperity.

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