Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Venus planet gives us Art and Relationships

During 2012  Let Venus Create the Relationships You Desire
Venus is moving extra slow so he will stay in Taurus for 4 months instead of 1 month. This is a rare astrological occurrence where you can get the Venus boost to support your affirmations and dreams of fulfilling relationships and creative expressions.

To get the most out of this lovely Venus gift, a good energetic spring cleaning is needed so you can create the positive space in your life. There are two powerful karma clearing events occurring this week.

First is a thirteenth moon or Pradosham event - Pradosham times are the windows of opportunity to remove karma or karmic energies that limit our potential in this current life. It is the time that Shiva absorbs the karma from people. According to Hindu belief, Lord Shiva swallowed poison that was going to destroy humanity.

Second event is Easter - where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died on the cross so he could take on the sins of humanity.
In both of the above cases, we have God directly intervening and taking on the karma of the world.

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