Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Planetary movement on Guru Purnima - July 3rd 2012

Guru is given a higher position then God, because of his qualities and qualification. Guru is called Brahma. Teacher gives a new birth to his students. Guru is true Mahadev because he forgives all flaws done by his disciple.
In India, Guru is given spiritual, religious and political significance. During the times of trouble, teachers have shown a new path to this nation. They don’t just a teacher but, they tell a person that how to come out from any kind of problem and danger.
Guru takes an individual to light from darkness. In simple words, he can be called the mass of knowledge.
Guru in India, is a person, who guides and protects us from all sorts of dangers and sins. Guru introduces us to a vast world of knowledge and dispels our ignorance and enlightens us.

"If God and Guru stand side by side, the first worship should be offered to Guru and then to God. It is because through the Guru we gain the ability to recognize and realize God."-- Kabir, 1440-1518, Indian mystic and poet

On Guru Purnima at home you can:

1) Chant Om Namasivaya out loudly or silently.
2) Pour water and milk over your sacred objects.
3) Clearly write out and ask for what you want (Ask and You Shall Receive)
4) Give to those less fortunate.
The Planets give an excellent diagram of the extraordinary happenings on Guru Purnima.

Jupiter, Ketu, Venus all in Taurus, forming Millionaire Yoga -- could even be called Millionaire without Greed. This is the gift to be free of financial constraints and have time for your personal evolution.
Jupiter influences Mars in Virgo, amplifying Mars Energy. The Overlord of Mars is Lord Muruga from Plaeides Star System. Showing Lord Muruga's presence closer to the Earth.
Mars in turn strongly influences the Moon with his 4th house aspect. Bringing more Goddess power, showing the presence of the 7 Mother Godesses.
This adds up to the Planets in support of the Guru's Grace.

At the time of the New Moon, the Moon rises or sets at the same time as the Sun. At Full Moon, the Moon rises at the same time the Sun sets, and the Moon sets at about the same time the Sun rises.

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