Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Tamil month of Aadi (July 16th to August 16th)

The Aadi month is an auspicious period.
There are 4 divinely charged Fridays in this month - July 20th, 27th, August 3rd and 10th. these fridays deliver immense energy and material gains.

Worshipping the Goddess Shakti and Her different forms during this month can relieve a person from negative influences and brings wealth and happiness.

July 20th - First Aadi Friday for The Goddess of Siddhi Powers
July 27th Second Aadi Friday for The Goddess of Fine Arts, Mundakanni Amman, a form of Goddess Saraswati, bestows extraordinary skills and talents in Fine arts. and Goddess Lakshmi to Protect Family & Relationships. Goddess Lakshmi is the overlord of the planet Venus, who rules Fridays. She is the Goddess of wealth, brings pleasures, comforts.
August 3rd - Third Aadi Friday for The Goddess of Protection, Kolavizhi Amman is the Goddess of Protection. Her eyes are so powerful, that they can melt your sins and give you confidence and will remove fear and negative energies around you.
August 10th - 4th Aadi Friday for The Bestower of Boons, Goddess Lalitha grants gifts and fulfills the desires of her devotees. She is the divine form of all Goddesses combined.

It is considered inauspicious to get married or to move into a new house during Aadi month. It is a spiritual month where one connects with the Goddess.

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