Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue Moon Brings Wealth in Great Quantity - 2nd Full Moon in August

The 2012 Properity Opportunities continue in August with some exciting astronomical actions.

This month Venus moves into Gemini, and August 1st is a Full Moon day. The 1st Full Moon of a Blue Moon month, ie two full moons, brightens your mind with the attention needed for Richness in abundance. Saturn makes a Move in Libra bringing a balance of abundance and responsibility.

The 1st Full Moon is called the Aadi Full Moon, and occurs while being inclined Jupiter, Mercury & Venus. It is connected to Vishnu and Lakshmi, the masculine and feminine representatives of supreme wealth and beauty. Radha & Krishna are Lakshmi & Vishnu.
The second Full Moon in one month is called a Blue Moon, which only occurs once every 2.5 years. In India, the second Full Moon is considered to be Divine and is associated with Lord Krishna. It is called a Blue Moon in honor of Lord Krishna whose skin colour is blue. This Blue Moon falls in this pivotal year of 2012 and also in the month of August, which is Krishna's birth month.
The 2nd Full Moon on August 31 is the rare Blue Moon. It is an excellent time to bring plans and activities to fruition.
Saturn moves into Libra on August 4th, a Saturday, a day ruled by Saturn. All planets influence our life, however, Saturn has a major impact in whichever house he occupies. Since He is the slowest moving planet his presence in a house is profound. Saturn doesn't miss a chance to deliver a life lesson. But an glorified Saturn brings more responsibility and enables you to handle it, creating the discipline, focus and commitment needed to be abundant and successful in business and in relationships.

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