Friday, October 5, 2012

Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn in October 2012

This October 2012 will have the High Energy and Motivation of Mars, the Intensity of Jupiter, and the stability of Saturn. The changes you initiate this month (sooner is better) will have lasting impact.
Mars gives you the courage to face tough issues, and Mars is strong in Scorpio and will only become stronger, however be careful, the intense Mars/Rahu combination increases the chance for accidents.

Jupiter provides the wisdom to solve tough issues and to not repeat the mistakes of the past. Jupiter is retrograde until end of January 2013. This intensifies Jupiter's energy and allows you to review your life with wisdom and fix what needs fixing, be it bad finances, bad health habits, and bad relationships.
This is not a time to be in denial, use the energy that is available to make things happen. The intensity of both Mars & Jupiter will make October ative and mtivated.
Jupiter, the primary money planet, moves retrograde into Taurus on October 5th.
Jupiter is a planet of fortune and expansion. He governs finance, children, prosperity, harmony, honor, truth, honesty, spirituality, auspiciousness. While in retro motion (apparent backward motion), Jupiter would reverse its influence on the above mentioned areas.
Jupiter retrograde is a good time to review what you have now and introspect on the real progress that you have made in life. The energies of this retrograde supports educational pursuits and helps to realize unfinished academic aspirations. This is also a time when your inner awareness is at its highest and you can make progress to a refined level of understanding of yourself and your relationship with this Universe.

Jupiter is considered the king of planets and as such the ill effects of other planets are controlled automatically, when Jupiter is powerful.
The Moon signs that have general favorable results during this retrograde motion of Jupiter are:
Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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