Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sani Pradosham of 2012 is on 27th Oct.

October 2012 is a very different month. This October-November a "Perverse Yet Fortunate" positioning of planets is taking place.
A strange combination in Libra, the Sun gets debilitated and Saturn is exalted. That's why it is called perverse, but very very powerful because of the relationship between the Sun and Saturn.
This debilitated Sun and the exalted Saturn are going to create unexpected turn of events in your life especially for those of you born under Sun or Saturn. Still you don't know if it will help or harm as it does not follow the normal rules.
You can benefit during this special time frame by accessing the energy of specific Sun-Saturn vortexes. We highly recommend that people who are strongly influenced by Sun or Saturn should take advantage of this one month period when the two planets are together in Libra (Oct.17th - Nov.16th). This astrological event affects the area(s) of your life ruled by Saturn and Sun, so everyone will be affected to some degree.
The Moon controls your physical, psychological, and material fortune, as it controls the Mind. The 13th Moon provides you with the opportunity to dissolve your bad karma (obsessive and repeating negative thoughts) by connecting to the archetype of Shiva.
Every 13th Moon is called Pradosham, however a 13th Moon that falls on a Saturday is special, and is called Sani Pradosham, when the planet Saturn is giving liberation for Saturn karmas. Sani Pradosham is a the time to ask Shiva to remove stubborn lifelong karma. Take advantage of the very Last Sani Pradosham of 2012 which is on 27th Oct.

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