Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ardra Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity - deep feeling along with passionate thinking - motivated by desire. 
Translation: The moist one 
Symbol: The human head. 

Animal Symbol: Female dog. 
Ruling Planet: Rahu. 
Nature: Manushya (human). 
Presiding deity: Rudra the god of the storm and destruction. 

Positive Traits: Curious mind, hunger for knowledge, quick in action, good memory, prefers physical work or work involving the body, good at getting support from the government or authorities, great communicator, truthful, have a transformative point in life at which point they drop many of their bad traits, compassionate towards those in pain. 

Negative Traits: Arrogant, abuses power, lusts after material attainments, ungrateful, mischievous, reckless, physically oriented jobs, anti-social, mean streak causes pain to others, self-serving, dishonest, stubborn, critical, impolite, untruthful, poor financial planning, excessive indulgences, cause pain or agony to others, violent, complaining. 

Career Interests: Writers, teachers, hospice, social services, sales, pr, politics, humanitarian projects, athlete, butcher, drug dealer, chemotherapist, those who deal with dead things such as junk, canned, frozen food. 

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