Monday, June 24, 2013

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Mrigashirsha nakshatra which is the fifth nakshatra according to the Hindu astronomical beliefs is the same as the constellation "orion". This constellation is visible throughout the world and is one of the most conspicuous star formations in the night sky. The formation resembles that of a hunter.

This nakshatra is formed by the combination of the Vrishaba rashi, which forms the first two quarters and the Mithun rashi which forms the latter half of this constellation. The name of this nakshatra contains the word "Mriga" which represents forest , garden, a quest to find and a hunter. It signifies a guide or a leading force. It is also supposed to emanate the idea of finding attractive faces or the act of requesting a girl for marriage as per Hindu astronomical beliefs. Individuals whose birth falls in Mrigashirsha nakshatra have a strong body.

As Mrigashirsha nakshatra is called the "Searching star", the individuals that belong to this ,also have similar tendencies of search and quest. They basically are inquisitive in nature and always look for something. They tend to travel a lot. Restlessness and nervousness are the significant personality traits of such persons. And these kinds of people often tend to be more efficient because of such personality traits, when the same is used in a positive way in their work life.
The people born in Mrigashirsha star are good looking, truthful, clean at heart and earn and enjoy a lot of wealth in their lives. Other positive traits in them are that they are loved by all, enthusiastic and have good administration powers. They are also considered to be obedient, respecting their teachers and always keen to learn and observe.
On the other hand the negative traits possessed by Mrigashirsha nakshatra individuals are restlessness and nervousness. Though they can manage situations well, but sometimes their lack of patience may lead to taking wrong decisions and committing mistakes. They are good looking, sharp and truthful, and thus they have no problems in attracting romantic relationships, but they might be prone to be provoked by the other sex easily which may lead to infidelity in the relationship which can be considered another negative trait in such individuals.

As Mrigashirsha nakshatra people are restless and need calming, the nakshatras that cool these individual down are Ardra , Pushya and Ashlesha ,and they are compatible nakshatras.

The incompatible nakshatras are Ashvini and Mrigashirsha.

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