Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ashlesha Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Motivated by dharma, represents the kundalini or serpent fire located at the base of the spine. 

Translation: The entwiner - to embrace. 
Symbol: coiled snake, circle, or wheel. 

Animal Symbol: Male cat. 
Ruling Planet: Mercury 
Nature: Rakshasa (demon). 
Presiding deity: Ahi - the naga or serpent of wisdom 

Positive Traits: Philosophical, intelligent, versatile, clever, independent, has a number of different jobs, entertainer, learned, leadership qualities, can accomplish much when motivated, good income, mystical, puts great energy into things that interest them, seductive nature, benefit from spiritual work. 

Negative Traits: Mental instability, worrisome, depressed nature, deceitful, non caring attitude, impolite, tactless, unpopular, lacks social skills, rule breakers, hoarding mentality, possessive, secretive, talkative, lacks appreciation, scattered and unproductive, reckless, disconnected, temperamental, lie to serve their needs, vindictive, introspective, reclusive, ungrateful, blunt. 

Career Interests: Politician, lawyer, writer, teacher, astrologer, mystic, snake charmer, zoo keeper, prostitute, pimp, chemical engineers, druggist, junkie, reptile keeper, zoologists, self-serving robbers, greedy politicians and business people, those that gain via sex. 

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