Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Magha Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Has numerous servants, inclination to worship gods and ancestors, engagement in important work. 

Translation: The mighty one 
Symbol: Palanquin the royal seat upon which the king was carried through his towns, royal throne room. 

Animal Symbol: Male rat 
Ruling Planet: Ketu 
Nature: Rakshasa (demon) 
Presiding deity: Pitris - Fathers of Humanity guardian angels that give protection in the event of calamities. 

Positive Traits: Clear, intelligent, many admirers, positive, conservative, balanced, respectful to others, kind, helps others, love life and parties, dependable, likes to be honored for accomplishments, respectful of traditions, enjoys ceremonies, follows chains of command, does well when praised, likes to be served and given attention. 

Negative Traits: Arrogant, hot tempered, prejudiced, jealousy, severe nature, resentful, has a strong dislike for those who dislike them or who treat them with disrespect, discontented when fail to meet goals, too high standards, susceptible to flattery, cruel to those who don't show them respect, racial superiority, sensuality can create problems. 

Career Interests: Politician, lawyer, heads of corporations, actors, musicians, archaeologists, historians, lawyers, judges, birth registry officials, self-employed, managers. 

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