Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anuradha Nakshatra - Disciple of divine spark

General Characteristics: Rich, live in foreign countries, unable to bear hunger, move from place to place. 
Translation: A small flash of lightening, a tiny spark, success 
Symbol: Lotus flower - ability and perseverance to blossom in the midst of life's trials and tribulations, a row or furrow. 

Animal symbol: Female deer or hare. 
Ruling planet: Saturn. 
Nature: Deva (god-like) 
Presiding deity: Mitra - the God of friendship and partnership who promotes cooperation among humanity. 

Positive Traits: Wise, spirited, fun-loving, attractive, vigorous, well-liked, spiritual seeker, interested in ancient knowledge, hard working, capacity for astrology, devoted, brave, enjoys travel, healthy, accommodates many people, enjoys social life and organizations, benefits more if they live away from their place of birth, ability to attract and maintain friendships, cooperates with others, ability to lead and form alliances. 

Negative Traits: Has remorse, guarded, cut off, deceitful, held back by others, can not cope with hunger or thirst, emotionally needy, rebellious, adheres to bad advice and suffers consequences, jealous and controlling of others, unaware of their effect on others which results in problems, may be melancholic due to a lack of maternal nurturing, anger issues, moves frequently due to dissatisfaction, tries too hard in terms of spiritual progress. 

Career Interests: Business management, organizational skills, travel industry, conference planners, dentists, plumbers, criminal lawyers, actors, musicians, mining engineers.

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