Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jyeshta Nakshatra - - The eldest

General Characteristics: Mental brilliance and analytical ability, few friends, cheerful and virtuous. 
Translation: Elder sister, the middle finger or the holy river Ganges, The Eldest (last of the best). 
Symbol: earring or circular protective talisman that may represent Vishnu's disc. 

Animal Symbol: Male deer or hare. 
Ruling Planet: Mercury. 
Nature: Rakshasa (demon). 
Presiding deity: Indra - King of the Gods. 

Positive Traits: Most successful of their family, keeps friends and builds a good support network, generous, self-reliant, eventually wealthy, takes charge of the family, passionate response to love, reputable, receives fame and honors, takes control, gets things done when they want to, virtuous, satisfied, talented at music, capacity for inventive design, creative genius, interested in the occult, can accomplish anything they set their minds to, want to make a difference. 

Negative Traits: Angry, has family problems, too intense for others, self-important, egotism, hides their feelings and intentions, peaceful demeanor covers impatience and immorality, conniving, control freak, makes other dependent on them to gain control, possessive, dramatizes illness and troubles to gain sympathy, has many illnesses, many job changes, early troubles in life, tormented, hypocritical and secretive behavior. 

Career Interests: Self employed, management, military leaders, musicians, dancers, modeling, police detectives, engineers, intellectuals, philosophers, U.N personnel, shaman.

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