Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jupiter Movement

Jupiter would make its annual movement into Leo from its exaltation sign of Cancer on the13th July 2015, where it's going to be housed till the 12th August 2016.
The move & particularly the placement of Jupiter in these two sign grids of Cancer & Leo is very interesting. Cancer & Leo are both 'Royal Signs' and Jupiter is super strong in both these signs.
However, the strength of Jupiter is very diverse between both these signs as you would yourself experience during the coming 13 months. Jupiter is a benign planet & Cancer is a very 'giving' sign owned by Moon. 
Due to this comfort, Cancer is the exaltation sign of Jupiter where wealth, comforts & goodness flows. Leo, on the other hand is a 'harsh' sign, owned by Sun. 
Being fiery & egoistic in nature, Leo pushes Jupiter's niceness towards action and gives result oriented approach, when Jupiter land s up in Leo.It is due to this difference in both these signs, we will find that Jupiter, though equally strong in the two signs will give financial progress in a very calm & giving manner in Cancer, while Jupiter in Leo would push you to be a go-getter & achieve great professional progressduring its stay in Leo. 
Further, Jupiter's Leo stay would be even more eventful after December 2015 due to its conjunction with Rahu (the fountainhead of material instincts). 
It could be the time of great professional & material progress without the actual humane-touch associated with Jupiter.

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