Thursday, June 11, 2015

Powerful Jupiter-Rahu Combination

Career & Finances Will Undergo Changes due to this combination! 
As we reach the midpoint of 2015, you should brace ourselves for some major changes and the way
you are likely to act, think & behave over the next 2 years. Leading the change in these major changes
would be Jupiter that is poised to move from its exaltation sign of Cancer to Leo on 14th July 2015.

Leo is a royal sign & a great friend of Jupiter. This will bring in many new challenges & changes
that would modify your life in a way that is totally different from how you are looking at life
currently. Jupiter would conjunct with Rahu (the Dragon's head) in January 2016 but it would cast
influence from end November 2015.
In simple words, it means the combination of pure knowledge with deviousness & base instincts.
Further Saturn will stop its retrograde motion & turn direct on 2nd August 2015, bringing a method
in the madness and clarity of thoughts & actions once again.
The changes due to these 3 transit-moves would begin from mid 2015 & run in varying forms till
last quarter of 2017. During which, Jupiter would change its sign twice - first into Leo, from
July 2015 & then into Virgo, from August 2016. The Leo-transit would see Jupiter & Saturn in a
square position from each other, bringing hurdles in world economics as well as general progress
in career for us. The Virgo placement of Jupiter however will bring a lot of comfort & progress in
our lives. While, the Jupiter - Rahu combination wouldchange our way of thinking to a more
material & result oriented method. While this combination could be excellent in terms of
creating opportunities at work & in finances, you may find yourself lacking in feeling
the human angle in relationships & transactions due to this Yoga. 

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