Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adhi Yoga - 27th June to 7th Nov 2016

A celestial combination is coming up as the 3 super benefic planets namely Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are forming special configuration of Adhi Yoga. Starting 27th June till 7th November, these three super-positive planets will be involved in one of the best combinations/ yoga of the year 2016 - the Adhi Yoga.
This beautiful combination with Venus & Mercury in Gemini along with Jupiter in Leo marks a phase of luck & happiness in the year 2016. The coming 4 to 5 months will see much rise in activity level at work, position & gains, as Adhi Yoga kicks in. This planetary combination is known to bring untold riches, rise in power & status and one does well in his profession, embarking higher roles & responsibilities during Adhi Yoga lucky period.
Adhi Yoga gives a rare ability of inspiring respect & admiration for you among others and a rise in benign & humanitarian nature due to the involvement of Jupiter.
The complete Adhi Yoga is formed with 3 planets namely Jupiter, Venus & Mercury, when they will occupy 6th, 7th and 8th house from the moon either jointly or singly. This exclusively beneficial combination would run with full good effects till 7th November 2016. It is an exceptional period for making progress - both professionally and financially.
Since, the Adhi Yoga would be a temporary transit phenomenon effective for a limited period unlike a lifelong natal combination like that in the chart of Bill Gates & Arnold Schwarzenegger, one needs to ensure that the excellent short term opportunities coming up during this period are seized upon fully to help you achieve maximum financial & career progress during 27nd June & 7th November 2016.

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