Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Dates in 2016

1. Purnima Shradh                September 16 Friday
2. Pratipada Shradh           September 17 Saturday
3. Dwitiya Shradh                   September 18 Sunday
4. Tritiya Shradh /
    Chaturthi Shradh           September 19 Monday
5. Panchami Shradh           September 20 Tuesday
6. Shashthi Shradh                   September 21 Wednesday
7. Saptami Shradh                   September 22 Thursday
8. Ashtami Shradh                   September 23 Friday
9. Navami Shradh                   September 24 Saturday
10. Dashami Shradh           September 25 Sunday
11. Ekadashi Shradh           September 26 Monday
12. Dwadashi Shradh           September 27 Tuesday
13. Trayodashi Shradh           September 28 Wednesday
14. Chaturdashi Shradh           September 29 Thursday
15. Sarva Pitru Amavasya
      Shradh                           September 30 Friday
16. Nana/ Nani Shradh           October 1         Saturday

The last day of Pitru Paksha is known as Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradh because on this day one can perform the Shraddha of anyone.

In Hindu mythology, it is believed that our ancestors are still watching us, they are protecting us from the hurdles of life and blessing us. But at the same time, they want us to remember them and pay respect.

Rituals of Tarpan in Shraddha is a way to pay our gratitude toward the ancestors for all that they have given or giving to us. It is believed that if the rituals are performed with full faith, love, and respect, our ancestors get happy and protect us from all the evil powers of the universe. They don't let anything harm us either it is natural or supernatural.

We inherit the assets and properties of our ancestors, but at the same time we also inherit the results of their misdeeds. Sometimes, their misdeeds do not allow them to attain the peace after death. This disturbance of their souls can sometimes affect the present generations of the family. The rituals of Tarpan in Shradh helps them in attaining the peace of soul and paying of the misdeeds of their lives. Help your ancestors in gaining peace of soul by performing the Tarpan rituals in Shraadh 2016.

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