Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Numerology : Number 4

In the world of numerology,the number 4 symbolizes the planet Uranus .This is also related to sun and hence the number 1 is related to number 4. Persons having this number exhibit a different set of view and tend to think in the opposite direction. Consecuently they are sometimes unsuccessful in the worldly affairs and materialiasm.
Person with date of birth on 4th ,13th , 22nd , and 31st of any month bear the qualities of a Number 4 person.
What makes you distinct from others: You have the capability of developing order out of a complete mess-up.You have an inherent need for security.
Precautions: You are a bit rigid. You do not a familiar routine and you fear being downgraded. General Characteristics:
• You are emotional and sensible than number 2 but you are short tempered
• Negligent and unplanned
• You are rebellious, Straightforward, and unconventional and Interested in reforms
• Lacking in proper assessment of people
• Involved in fields of electricity ,energy and fuels
• You are against accumulation of wealth
• You lack luck and diplomacy and consistency
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