Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Numerology : Number 9

Number 9 is symbolic of the planet Mars. Like the redness of the red planet, people having this number have instincts of a warrior. They have a “never say die” attitude.Their will power is very strong.They struggle in the early phases of their life and succeed in the end.Persons born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month bear the qualities of a Number 9 person.
What makes you distinct from others: You want to do the big things in life and dream for the same.
Precautions: You would need to have control of your temper and try to avoid quarrel and war like situations
General Characteristics:
• Aggressive, angry, active, short tempered and impulsive
• Involvement in quarrels, war, destruction
• Prone to accidents and injuries
• Instinct to become a leader and take up daring and dashing activities
• Commanding and demanding, Independent and highly ambitious
• Related to security, army, police and defense matters
• Healthy, courageous and confident
• Lively and generous but dominating
• May be involved in night life and criminal activities and plotting
• Face enemies, legal disputes and some mechanical activities
• Related to surgeons, surgical equipments, operations and operation theaters
• Related to some mechanical and industrial activity
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