Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Numerology : Number 5

The number 5 is the representative of the planet Mercury. People having this person are known to be very friendly and get along easily with all sort of people. The person are sociable and meet with a welcoming nature. Person with date of birth on 5th , 14th , and 23rd of any month bear the qualities of a Number 5 person.
What makes you distinct from others: You tend to be a public figure and draws media-attention.You can develop innovative ideas for business.
Precautions: You easily feel restlessness and get bored very quickly.Others may dominate you.
General Characteristics:
• Intelligent, diplomatic, materialistic and business oriented
• Venture in computers / engineering / science / commerce
• Flexible, cunning and witty
• Inclined to make money very fast
• Quick to react and ready to answer
• Able to recover from the heaviest blows
• Sporty
• Speculative and gambling oriented
• Having childish mentality
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