Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Maha Sankata Chaturthi

Humanity is faced with numerous obstacles every day. Right from the basic needs like food, education, shelter to other material needs like money, relationship, health it is a constant struggle. You are caught in a whirlpool from which recovery looks difficult. Only Lord Ganesha can break those obstacles and bring relief to you in all spheres of your life.
Lord Ganesha symbolizes highest intelligence and divinity. He has five hands which symbolizes Antakarana which include Mind, Intellect (Buddhi), Ego(Ahamakara) and Chitta. Along with these four, he possesses the true divine intelligence and can help humanity cross the ocean of life. For any material or spiritual pursuit, Lord Ganesha shares his blessings with his devotees who pray to him sincerely.
Maha Sankata Chaturthi which falls on Aug 20 is a very auspicious day to offer prayers, rituals to Lord Ganesha. It is said that breaking coconuts on this day will shatter your obstacles to smithereens.
Performing Ganesha Homas on Maha Sankata Chaturthi can be very good for general prosperity and for gaining the will power to take on life's challenges. This is done by fasting from early morning and then breaking the fast in the evening/ night after sighting the Moon's crescent. You can chant simple mantras on Lord Ganesha as per your convenience throughout the day.

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